No more to press her to his heart :
Jack gave in agony a scream,
Then smiled, to find 'twas but a dream.

Next morn a vessel hove in sight;
An enemy



the fight!
She struck, a brig of largest size,
And Jack made England with the prize;
Reach'd home when Nancy long had wept,
And, sore fatigued, turn’d in and slept;
But truth assuming fancy's part,
He held his Nancy to his heart:
Nor as at sea did these things seem-
He woke, and found 'twas not a dream.


RITANNIA'S name, from age to age,

Has like her cliffs stood fast,
And promises, in history's page,

In honour long to last.
Her sailors, rulers of the sea,

Her soldiers, of that soil
On which the industrious peasantry,

To give it value, toil;
All, all, shall hail Britannia's name,
By glory handed down to fame !

Then sing our tars, who boldly roam

Our glory to insure;
And sing our soldiers, who at home

That glory well secure;

And sing our peasants, at a word

Who, of mankind the friend,
Would turn each ploughshare to a sword,

Their country to defend.
All, all, shall sing Britannia's name,
As glory hands it down to fame!


EARLY as the stream that guides its vital

motion, Be cherish'd by each grateful British

The great event that gave the lordly ocean
To English tars fresh laurels to impart:

Valentine's Day in smiles came on,
Love fill'd the seaman's anxious mind,

Delighted with past scenes so sweet,
While ardent hope kept every pulse alive,
Sweet hope some glorious moment might arrive,
To serve the wife, and king, and friend, he left

When Jervis, with his gallant fleet,

Discover'd the proud Don.
Strange signal-guns all night distinctly hearing,

When day's faint dawn presented first the shore, We, anxious, on the starboard tack were steering, While, east-by-north, eight leagues, Cape Vincent

bore : Near ten, propitious hope came on; Our signal for a large fleet flew;

When instant, with a press of sail,
Form'd in two lines, onward we gaily stood;
Till boldly dashing through the yielding flood,
While honour fired each ship's determined crew,

We proudly bore up within hail
Of the astonish'd Don.

Ships twenty-seven now bid a bold defiance;

Fifteen our number, and of smaller size:
So tow'ring elephants look down on lions,
Till of their courage they become the prize:

For now the trying hour came on,
That each must act a gallant part;

Fate on one grand maneuvre hinged
One mighty stroke, prompt, dangerous, and bold :
But what of English tars the courage can withhold ?
We broke their straggling line, scared every heart,

And Jack the tawny whiskers singed
Of the astonish'd Don.

Here might I dwell on this unequallid action,

That soars beyond example out of sight, That gain’d four ships, that broke a dangerous

faction; But English seamen never brag—they fight.

Then let perfidious France come on, Aided by Holland and by Spain,

In the deep a watery grave to meet:
Fair England proudly with one voice shall sing
The worth and virtues of a patriot king;
While some such heroes lead the glorious strain

As Jervis and his gallant fleet,
That humbled the proud Don.


OME, listen to a seaman's ditty

Tom Taffrail was the hero's name;
His tale shall start that tear of pity

The brave and good from virtue claim, Tom went to sea; duty inclined him

His king and country to defend ; But how in grief to leave behind him

A lovely wife and faithful friend ?

Kind hearts may dwell in bosoms homely;

Nothing can virtue’s impulse check: At sea, trick'd out a tar so comely,

Tom met his friend upon the deck; And see his wife, by love directed,

In man's attire Tom's steps attend : Thus was he bless’d, when least expected,

With his dear wife and faithful friend.

True pleasures are for no one mortal:

A storm arose no skill could mock; Tore masts away, strain'd every portal,

And bilged the vessel 'gainst a rock.
Torn the dear objects he had cherish’d,

His own life ebbing near its end,
He smiled in death, that he had perish'd

With his dear wife and faithful friend,


AM SPLINT, Dick Douse, Ben Brace,

Tom Tow,
Four lads of worth and merit,

Were friends and messmates, who the foe
Would fight with spunk and spirit.
Sall Snags, Poll Plump, Bet Bounce, Nan Neat,

Were smart and handsome quizzies :
For these they fought, and, oh, how sweet

To bring 'em home the tizzies !

Board of a smiling cot, so fair,

'Longside of Southsea Common, These jolly sailors married were

Each to his favourite woman :
They kept the honey-moon with glee,

At last, with lengthened phizzes,
The signal given, they went to sea,

To get their wives the tizzies.

In every danger did they roam,

And cheerfully would risk it;
While, short allowanced, they at home

Had neither beef nor biscuit.
Where dangerous shoals and rocks abound,

And where the bullet whizzes,
Our sailors storms and shipwrecks found,

And everything but tizzies.

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