Congress at War: The Politics of Conflict Since 1789

Potomac Books, 1. aug. 2007 - 112 sider
Congress at War reviews the historical record of the U.S. Congress in authorizing, funding, overseeing, and terminating major military operations. Refuting arguments that Congress cannot and should not set limits or conditions on the use of U.S. armed forces, this book catalogs the many times when previous Congresses have enacted restrictions—often with the acceptance and compliance of wartime presidents. While Congress has formally declared war only five times in U.S. history, it has authorized the use of force fifteen other times. In recent decades, however, lawmakers have weakened their Constitutional claims by failing on several occasions to enact measures either supporting or opposing military operations ordered by the president. Concise, dramatically written, and illustrated with several summary tables, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in America’s wars—past or present.

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Charles A. Stevenson, Ph. D., served for twentytwo years as a defense and foreign policy advisor in the U. S. Senate. Since 1992 he has been a professor at the National War Colllege in Washington, DC.

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