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· Three methods are used to indicate the pronunciation of the words forming the headings of the separate articles:

(1) By dividing the word into syllables, and indicating the syllable or syllables to be accented. This method alone is followed where the pronunciation is entirely obvious. Where accent marks are omitted, the omission indicates that all syllables are given substantially the same value.

(2) Where the pronunciation differs from the spelling, the word is re-spelled phonetically, in addition to the accentuation.

(3) Where the sound values of the vowels are not sufficiently indicated merely by an attempt at phonetic spelling, the following system of diacritical marks is additionally employed to approximate the proper sounds as closely as may be done:

å, as in fate, or in bare.

leu, a long sound as in Fr. jedne,= å, as in alms, Fr. ame, Ger. Bahn=a! Ger. long , as in Söhne, Göthe of Indian names.

(Goethe). d, the same sound short or medium, as eu, corresponding sound short or medi in Fr. bal, Ger. Mann.

um, as in Fr. peu=Ger. Ö short. a, as in fat.

o, as in note, moan. #, as in fall.

o, as in not, frog-thatis, short or medium. obscure, as in rural, similar to u in ö, as in move, two.

but, è in her: common in Indian û, as in tube.

|u, as in tub: similar to é and also to a. e, as in meri in machine.

4, as in bull. e, as in met.

ü, as in Sc abune=Fr. ll as in da, e, as in her.

Ger. ü long as in grün, Bühne. 1, as in pine, or as ei in Ger. Mein. ů, the corresponding short or medium i, as in pin, also used for the short sound, as in Fr. but, Ger. Müller.

sound corresponding to ē, as in oi, as in oil.
French and Italian words. Tou, as in pound; or as au in Ger. Haus.

The consonants, b, d, f, h, j, k, l, m, n, ng, p, sh, t, v, and z, when printed in Roman type, are always given their common English values in the transliteration of foreign words. The letter c is indicated by s or k, as the case may be. For the remaining consonant sounds the following symbols are employed:.

ch is always as in rich.

erally much more strongly trilled. d, nearly as th in this = Sp. d in 8, always as in so. Madrid, etc.

th, as th in thin. & is always hard, as in go.

th, as th in this. à represents the guttural in Scotch w always consonantal, as in we.

loch, Ger. nach, also other similar 1= ks, which are used instead. gutturals.

y always consonantal, as in yea (Fr. 1. Fr. nasal n as in bon.

ligne would be re-written lény). i represents both English r, and r in zh, as , in pleasure = Fr. ;.

toreign words, in which it is gen!



the twentieth letter in the English forests. The inhabitants are chiefly Inde alphabet, a sharp mute consonant, dians. The capital is San-Juan Bautista. representing the sound produced by a Pop. of the state, 159,834. quick and strong emission of the breath Tab'asheer or TABASHIR (Persian), after the end of the tongue has been

If the tongue has been all asuvad, a siliceous concretion replaced against the roof of the mouth sembling hydrophane, sometimes found near the roots of the upper teeth. By in the joints of bamboos and other large Grimm's Law t in English corresponds grasses. It is highly valued in the East to d in Latin, Greek and Sanskrit, and Indies as a medicine, but its virtues are to 88 or % in German.

merely imaginary. Taasinge (to'sing-ė), an island of Tabby (tab'i), the name given to

Denmark, south of Funen; tawy stuffs watered or figured by area, 29 square miles. Pop. 4035. being passed through a calender, the Tabanus (tab'a-nus). See Gad-fly. rollers of which, bearing unequally on

the stuff, render the surface unequal, so Tabard (tab'ard), a sort of tunic of as to reflect the rays of light differ

the middle ages, worn over ently, and produce the representation of the armor, and generally embroidered waves. Silks treated in this way are with the arms of the wearer, or if worn called moiré.

Tabernacle (tab'er-na-kl), in Jewish

10 antiquities, the tent or sanctuary in which the sacred utensils were kept during the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert. It was in the shape of a parallelogram, 45 feet by 15, and 15 feet in height, with its smaller ends placed east and west, and having its entrance in the east. Its framework consisted of forty-eight gilded boards of shit. tim-wood, bound together by golden rings and set into silver sockets; and this framework was covered with four carpets. The interior was divided by a curtain into two compartments, the outer the

sanctuary' proper, and the innermost the holy of holies. In the sanctuary was placed on the north the table of showbread, on the south the golden candle

stick, and in the middle, near the inner Tabard. Sir John Cornwall. Ampthill Church curtain, the altar of incense. In the Beds.

center of the holy of holies stood the ark

of the covenant. The tabernacle was sitby a herald, with those of his lord or uated in a court 150 feet_by_75, sursovereign. It still forms a part of the rounded by costly screens 71 feet high, official dress of heralds.

and supported by pillars of brass 71 feet Tabasco (tå-bäs'ko), a state of Mexi- apart, to which the curtains were at

co, between Yucatan Penin. tached by hooks and fillets of silver. In sula and Vera Cruz; area, 10,072 square the outer or eastern half of the court miles. The surface consists almost en- stood the altar of burnt-offering, and betirely of a great flat, sloping northwards tween it and the tabernacle itself the to the Gulf of Mexico. A large portion. laver, at which the priests washed their of the state is still covered with primeval hands and feet before entering the sanc.




tuary. It was superseded by the temple chief table-lands are tbat of Central at Jerusalem.

Spain, the less-defined upland in SwitzerTabernacle. in ecclesiology, an orna. land, and the low plateaus of Bavaria

david mented receptacle in and Bohemia. In Asia is the most exwhich the host is kept on the altar; also tensive table-land in the world, the sandy a reliquary.

rainless Desert of Gobi, nearly 400,000 Tabernacles FEAST OF, the last of square miles; also the loftiest inhabited

th, the three great festi- table-land in the world, that of Tipet, vals of the Jews which required the pres. with an elevation of from 11,000 to 15,ence of all the males in Jerusalem. Its 000 feet. In Africa are the plateaus of object was to commemorate the dwelling Abyssinia, and the karoos or terrace of the Israelites in tents during their so- plains of South Africa. In America the journ in the wilderness, and it was also great table-lands are those of Mexico and å feast of thanksgiving for the harvest the Andes. The table-lands of the Westand vintage. The time of the festival ern United States are of large extent, fell in the autumn, when all the chief comprising much of the states of Colofruits were gathered in, and hence it is rado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and often called the feast of the ingathering. Idaho, with considerable portions of other Its duration was strictly only seven days, states. but it was followed by a day of holy con- Table Mountain, a mountain, of vocation of peculiar solemnity. During

d, South Africa, the seven days the people lived in booths south of Table Bay, its highest point beerected in the courts of houses, on the ing right over Cape Town. It is about roofs, and in the court of the temple. It 3500 feet high and level on the top. It was the most joyous festival of the year, joins the Devil's Mount on the east, and Tabes (tā bēz), a term formerly ap- the Sugar Loaf or Lion's Head on the

ON plied to a disease characterized west. by a gradually progressive emaciation of Table-turning one of the phethe whole body, accompanied with lan

15. nomena of spiritualguor, depressed spirits, and, for the most ism, in which a number of persons sit part, imperfect or obscure hectic fever, around a table, with hands or fingers without the real cause of the affection touching it, the result in many cases bebeing properly localized or defined. — ing a tipping or other movements of the Tabes mesenterica, abdominal phthisis, or table, questions asked being frequently consumption of the bowels, is a disease answered by responsive tips indicating of the bowels caused by the formation of 'yes' or 'no.' The phenomenon has tubercles similar to those of the lungs in been ascribed to involuntary muscular acordinary consumption. It causes extreme tion of the sitters, but in view of the wasting, feebleness, and thinness of body, fact that the table is occasionally lifted and recovery is rare. - Tabes dorsālis is bodily from the floor, while touched only the same as locomotor atazy (which see). on its surface, this explanation seems in. Tabinet (tab'i-net), a rich fabric con- sufficient. The agency at work is claimed

sisting of a warp of silk and to be that of spiritual beings, but further a weft of wool, employed for window investigation is needed before any decision curtains and other furniture purposes. in this problem can be reached. ROUND. See Round Table. Taboo or TABU ( ta-bö' ), a peculiar

LANUV, institution formerly prevalent Tableaux Vivants (tåb-lo vē-vän; among the South Sea islanders, and used

French = 'liv. in both a good and bad sense - as someing pictures'), representations of scenes thing sacred or consecrated, and as somefrom history or fiction by means of per- thing accursed or unholy — both senses sons grouped in the proper manner, forbidding the touching or use of the placed in appropriate postures, and re- thing taboo. The idea of prohibition was maining silent."

always prominent. The whole religious, Tableland or PLATEAU (pla-to'), a political, and social system of the prim

wady flat or comparatively itive Polynesians was enforced by the level tract of land considerably elevated taboo, the infringement of which in seriabove the general surface of a country. ous cases was death. Being in effect broad mountain masses, Tabor (ta'bur), a small drum, beaten many of these platea us form the gather too with a stick, and used as an jng-grounds and sources of some of the accompaniment to a pipe or fife. noblest rivers, while their elevation con- Tabor (tā'bur), a_remarkable bill of fers on them a climate and a vegetable and Northern Palestine, rising and animal life distinet from that of the abruptly in the shape of an almost persurrounding lowlands. In Europe the fect cone from the plain of Esdraëlon to



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