Historical Collections, Volum 25

The Society, 1896

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Side 618 - And all archives, records, deeds, and papers, either of a public nature, or belonging to private...
Side 116 - It is agreed that it shall at all times be free to His Majesty's subjects, and to the citizens of the United States, and also to the Indians dwelling on either side of the said boundary line, freely to pass and repass by land or inland navigation, into the respective territories and countries of the two parties, on the continent of America...
Side 322 - ... cannot expect to find women and children in an invading army. But they are men, and have equal rights with all other men to defend themselves and their property when invaded, more especially when they find in the enemy's camp a ferocious and mortal foe, using the same warfare which the American commander affects to reprobate.
Side 306 - States is hereby authorized to use the whole land and naval force of the United States to carry the same into effect, and to issue to private armed vessels of the United States commissions or letters of marque and general reprisal, in such form as he shall think proper, and under the seal of the United States, against the vessels, goods, and effects of the government of the said United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the subjects thereof.
Side 618 - All territory, places and possessions whatsoever taken by either party from the other during the War, or which may be taken after the signing of this Treaty excepting only the Islands hereinafter mentioned shall be restored without delay...
Side 320 - This unequalled prosperity could not have been attained by the utmost liberality of the Government or the persevering industry of the people had not the maritime power of the mother country secured to its colonists a safe access to every market where the produce of their labour was in demand.
Side 306 - That War be, and the same is hereby declared to exist between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the dependencies thereof, and the United States of America and their territories...
Side 400 - Commanders were popular men, destitute alike of theory and experience in the art of war. In a few days the Troops under my command will plant the American Standard in Canada. They are men accustomed to obedience, silence and steadiness. They will conquer or they will die. Will you stand with your Arms folded and look on this interesting struggle ? Are you not related to the men who fought at Bennington and Saratoga?
Side 117 - AB, one of the commissioners appointed in pursuance of the sixth article of the Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation, between His Britannic Majesty and the United States of America...
Side 18 - ... and acknowledged limits of the United States, and erecting a fortification in the heart of the settlements of the Indian tribes now at war with the United States. This, sir, appears to be an act of the highest aggression, and destructive to the peace and interest of the Union. Hence it becomes my duty to desire, and I do hereby desire and demand, in the name of the President of the United States, that you immediately desist from any further act of hostility or aggression, by forbearing to fortify,...

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