Annual report of the Commissioner of Health [of Milwaukee], Volum 2

Health Department, 1880

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Side 37 - And I will bring a sword upon you, that shall avenge the quarrel of my covenant: and when ye are gathered together within your cities, I will send the pestilence among you; and ye shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy.
Side 50 - An act to prevent cruelty to animals while in transit by railroad or other means of transportation"; and for carrying out the provisions of the act approved March 4, 1913 (USC, title 21, sees.
Side 87 - ... any milk diluted with water, or any unclean, impure, unhealthy, adulterated or unwholesome milk, or milk from which any of the cream has been taken, except pure skim milk to skim-cheese factories.
Side 35 - God in processions and otherwise ; it began to show itself in the spring of the aforesaid year, in a sad and wonderful manner. Unlike what had been seen in the east, where bleeding from the nose is the fatal prognostic, here there appeared certain tumours in the groin or under the arm-pits, some as big as a small apple, others as an egg ; and afterwards purple spots in most parts of the body; in some cases large and but few in number, in others smaller and more numerous — both sorts the usual messengers...
Side 29 - Constantinople ; that many cities of the East were left vacant; and that in several districts of Italy the harvest and the vintage withered on the ground. The triple scourge of war, pestilence, and famine, afflicted the subjects of Justinian, and his reign is disgraced by a visible decrease of the human species, which has never been repaired in some of the fairest countries of the globe.136 136 After some figures of rhetoric, the sands of the sea, &c.
Side 29 - Justinian •was not checked or alleviated by any difference of the seasons. In time, its first malignity was abated and dispersed : the disease alternately languished and revived ; but it was not till the end of a calamitous period of fifty-two years, that mankind recovered their health, or the air resumed its pure and •salubrious quality.
Side 65 - WHEREAS it is expedient that Persons requiring Medical Aid should be enabled to distinguish qualified from unqualified Practitioners...
Side 141 - With respect to the sufficiency of the space about buildings to secure a free circulation of air, and with respect to the ventilation of buildings...
Side 145 - ... degree odorous, is a point on which no guess need be hazarded ; but it is certain that in doses in which they can fatally infect the human body they are infinitely out of reach of even the most cultivated sense of smell, and that this sense (though its positive warnings are of indispensable sanitary service) is not able, except by indirect and quite insufficient perceptions, to warn us against risks of morbid infection.
Side 28 - Constantinople were zealous and skilful; but their art was baffled by the various symptoms and pertinacious vehemence of the disease : the same remedies were productive of contrary effects, and the event capriciously disappointed their prognostics of death or recovery. The order of funerals and the right of sepulchres were confounded ; those who were left without friends or servants lay unburied in the streets, or in their desolate houses ; and a magistrate...

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