Select Parts of Professor Saunderson's Elements of Algebra: For the Use of Students at the Universities

A. Millar, 1761 - 412 sider

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Side 399 - To divide one number by another.* Subtract the logarithm of the divisor from the logarithm of the dividend, and the remainder will be the logarithm of the quotient.
Side 385 - ... parallel ends is equal to the product of the circumference of a great circle of the sphere by the height or thickness of the section, and that the curved surfaces of all sections of a sphere are proportional to the thickness of such sections. The volume of the sphere, also, is equal to two-thirds of that of the circumscribing cylinder. SPHE'ROGRAPH, a simple and exceedingly...
Side 143 - A sets out from a certain place, and travels at the rate of 7 miles in 5 hours ; and 8 hours...
Side 286 - Because there are three magnitudes A, B, C, and three others D, E, F, which, taken two and two, in order, have the same ratio ; ex sequali, A is to C, as D to F.
Side 142 - Two travellers, distant 154 miles, set out at the same time to meet each other, the one proceeding at the rate of 3 miles in 2 hours, and the other at the rate of 5 miles in 4 hours : how long and how far did each travel before they met ? Ans.
Side 31 - If the numerator and denominator of a fraction be both multiplied or both divided by the same number, the value of the fraction is not altered.
Side 305 - Definition 5. 169 other four E, F, G, H, which have the same ratio taken two and two in order; namely, let A be to B as E is to F, and B to C as F is to G, and C to D as G is to H: A shall be to D as E is to H.
Side 314 - D ; we are to prove that the ratio compounded of the ratios of A to B, of B to C, and of C to D, according to tbe definition of compound ratio, is equal to the ratio of A to D.
Side 316 - D, therefore, be compounded of the ratios of A to B, of В to C, and of С to D , and let the ratio of A! to Ï)' be compounded of the ratios of A...
Side 285 - N; red, that the firft has the fame ratio to the third, which the .fecond has to the fourth ; or that the firft is to the third, as the fecond to the fourth, as is fhewn in the i6th Prop.

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