A Series of Genuine Letters Between Henry and Frances, Volum 2

For W. Johnston, 1757

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Side 100 - Let not this weak, unknowing hand Presume thy bolts to throw, And deal damnation round the land On each I judge thy foe. If I am right, thy grace impart, Still in the right to stay; If I am wrong, oh teach my heart To find that better way...
Side 21 - When you have proved that the three angles of every triangle are equal to two right angles...
Side 101 - I am, not wholly fo, Since quick'ned by thy breath ; Oh lead me wherefo'er I go, Thro' this day's life or death. This day, be bread and peace my lot: All elfe beneath the fun, Thou know'ft if beft beftow'd or not, And let thy will be done. To thee, whofe temple is all fpace, Whofe altar, earth, fea, fkies ! One chorus let all being raife ! All nature's incenfe rife I THE DYING CHRISTIAN TO HIS SOUL, ODE.
Side 99 - What conscience dictates to be done, Or warns me not to do, This teach me more than hell to shun, That more than heav'n pursue. What blessings thy free bounty gives Let me not cast away ; For God is paid when man receives, T
Side 213 - Close-twisted with the fibres of the heart ! Which, broken, break them ; and drain off the soul Of human joy ; and make it pain to live — And is it then to live ? When such friends part, 'Tis the survivor dies — My heart ! no more.
Side 101 - Thro' this day's Life or Death. This day, be Bread and Peace my Lot : All elfe beneath the Sun, Thou know'ft if beft beftow'd or not, And let Thy Will be done. To thee, whofe Temple is all Space, Whofe Altar, Earth, Sea, Skies ! One Chorus let all Being raife ! All Nature's Incenfe rife ! MORAL ESSAYS, IN FOUR EPISTLES TO Several Perfons.
Side 9 - Lord, to number my days, that I may apply my heart unto wifdom ; ever to remember my laft end, that I may not dare to fin againft thee.
Side 99 - Jehovah, Jove, or Lord ! Thou Great Firft Caufe, leaft underftood ; Who all my Senfe confin'd To know but this, that Thou art Good, And that myfelf am blind ; Yet gave me, in this dark Eftate, To fee the Good from Ill; And, binding Nature faft in Fate, Left free the Human Will...
Side 168 - Nemesis visiting the sins of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation...

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