Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Chancery of the State of New Jersey, Volum 40


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Side 656 - The rule is that defaults by one party in making particular payments or deliveries will not release the other party from his duty to make the other deliveries or payments stipulated in the contract, unless the conduct of the party in default be such as to evince an intention to abandon the contract, or a design no longer to be bound by its terms.
Side 553 - Motion is made to dismiss the appeal, on the ground that it was not taken within the time limited by law for appealing. The act governing the subject provides that an appeal from an order or decree of the orphans...
Side 290 - ... the question is, not whether the covenant runs with the land, but whether a party shall be permitted to use the land in a manner inconsistent with the contract entered into by his vendor and with notice of which he purchased.
Side 49 - Assembly, and no other; you are also, as much as possible, to observe in the passing of all laws, that whatever may be requisite upon each different matter, be accordingly provided for, by a different law, without intermixing in one and the same act, such things, as have no proper relation to each other...
Side 46 - Property shall be assessed for taxes under general laws, and by uniform rules, according to its true value.
Side 398 - To say that they have the right, but that it can be enforced only when they have ascertained, in some way without the books, that their affairs have been mismanaged, or that their interests are in danger, is practically to deny the right in the majority of cases. Oftentimes frauds are discoverable only by examination of the books by an expert accountant. The books are not the private property of the directors or managers, but are the records of their transactions as trustees for the stockholders.
Side 419 - In incorporated cities no franchise must be granted for the purpose herein expressed, unless the consent in writing of the owners of a majority of the frontage upon the road or street along which...
Side 57 - ... for his, her, or their own proper use, against the owner or owners thereof, and all claiming under him, her, or them, until such purchaser's term therein shall be fully complete and ended...
Side 717 - Every person restrained of his liberty, under any pretense whatever, may prosecute a writ of habeas corpus, to inquire into the cause of the restraint, and shall be delivered therefrom when illegal.
Side 717 - In this last case it was said that when " a court of the United States undertakes, by its process of contempt, to punish a man for refusing to comply with an order which that court had no authority to make, the order itself, being without jurisdiction, is void, and the order punishing for the contempt is equally void.

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