History of the war in Bosnia during the years 1737-8 and 9 [by 'Umar Bûsnarî] tr. by C. Fraser


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Side 89 - The great Geographical Work of Idrisi ; translated by the Rev. GC Renouard, BD This Arabic work was written AD 1153, to illustrate a large silver globe made for Roger. King of Sicily, and is divided into the seven climates described by the Greek Geographers.
Side 86 - THE TRAVELS OF IBN BATUTA, Translated from the abridged Arabic Manuscript Copies preserved in the Public Library of Cambridge, with NOTES illustrative of the History, Geography, Botany, Antiquities, &c.
Side 88 - A Collation of the Syriac MSS. of the New Testament, both Nestorian and Jacobite, that are accessible in England, by the Rev. Professor Lee. This collation will include the various readings of the Syriac MSS. of the New Testament in the British Museum, and the Libraries at Oxford, Cambridge, &c.
Side 83 - Commissioners fur the Affairs of India. The Right Honourable CW WILLIAMS WYNN, MP, President of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. The Right Honourable SIR ROBERT PEEL, Bart., MP The Right Honourable HENRY GOULBURN, MP The Right Honourable SR LUSHINGTON, Governor of Madras.
Side 89 - Reza ; translated by Mirza Alexander Kazem Beg. This is a Turkish History of the Khans of the Crimea, written about AD 1740, and contains many interesting particulars relating to Turkey, Russia, Poland, and Germany. A History of Georgia; translated by Monsieur Jules de Klaproth.
Side 87 - THE LIFE OF SHEIKH MOHAMMED ALI HAZIN, Written by Himself : translated from two Persian Manuscripts, and illustrated with Notes explanatory of the History, Poetry, Geography, &c. which therein occur. By FC BELFOUR, MA Oxon, Sic. &c. In Demy Octavo ; 10».
Side 84 - Any Member of the Committee who sends a translation for approval, whether to obtain a reward or medal, or merely to have it printed at the expense of the Oriental Translation Fund, is to cease to act on the Committee until the adoption or rejection of his work is decided on. 7th. No work, although prepared for the press at the expense of the Oriental Translation Fund, is to be printed, until the imprimatur of the Chairman or a Deputy Chairman, and at least eight Members of the Committee, is obtained.
Side 89 - Metropolitan of Nisibis ; translated by the Rev. Josiah Forshall, AM This Syriac Chronicle contains chronological tables of the principal dynasties of the world, brief memoirs of the Patriarchs of the Nestorian church, and notices of...
Side 84 - Oriental languages, accompanied occasionally by the original texts, and such illustrations as may be considered necessary. These translations are to be generally printed in English, but in peculiar cases may be printed in Latin or French. 3d. The Committee is empowered to add to its number, to purchase Oriental MSS. or printed books, to present copies of the works printed at the expense of the Oriental Translation Fund to Learned Societies and individuals, and to adopt all the means* that it may...
Side 84 - Committee : — thus affording the best proofs of their readiness to promote the proposed object, and the strongest guarantee to the public that such works as may be recommended for publication will - be executed in a manner that will render them worthy of the patronage that is now solicited.

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