that my garden looked full as well as his. In the course of a few days a warm rain brought forth in his beds tiny shoots of green. I rushed home, expecting to find the same in my beds. In vain: nothing had appeared. Day after day, week after week, my .garden remained barren,

while his was the pride of the village, with its rare and beautiful blooms. What caused the difference! Was my garden not made just as his ? Ah! I had failed to drop the tiny gends upon the soil, and all my labor was



By J. M. SHERWOOD, D.D. G. P. Putnam's Sons. “The Unity of Nature," even balanced mind, and hence it will never by the Duke of Argyll. This is a sequel to the take a high rank in our religious literature. author's former work, the “Reign of Law." Undertaking the work of exposition without The subject of Law in Christian Theology is too an Introduction, or a word as to the authorship broad a subject to be discussed in a single of the Epistle (which be attributes to Paul), or treatise. A preliminary work is necessary, viz., its date, or peculiarities, is proof that he has to trace the connection between the reign of no just conception of what is imperatively relaw and the ideas which are alike fundamental quired of one who assumes the task which be to all religions, and inseparable from the facts has executed —"A Red Wall Flower," by the of nature. This is the object of the present dis- author of "The Wide, Wide World," "The Shores cussion. Modern Doubt has called in question of Peace," by Anna B. Warner. Same publishers. not only the whole subject of inquiry, but the These sisters continue to instruct and delight whole faculties by which it can be pursued. their ever-widening circle of readers. The " Red Many of the problems which perplex us most Wall Flower" is truly a charming story, and, are soluble in the light of the unity of pature. we are assured, “in its whole chain of facts is a The work is a thoughtful and able one; and, true story." Through its 650 pages the interest while some of its positions are open to criti. of the story is kept up. There is great variety cism, yet, as a whole, it cannot fail to give satis- of incident and character, so that there is no faction to the distinguished author's friends.- dullness or weariness experienced in reading the “An Outline of the Future Religion of the World," book. The moral aim and the wholesome lesby T. Lloyd Stanley. Same publishers. A shal- son are conspicuous throughout, as in all the low, pretentious and worthless oetavo. We mar- productions of this popular voluminous author. vel that so respectable a house should put its The work by the sister is a dainty little volume, imprint on a book of this character. It is a as beautiful within as without, and full of timeconfused medley of conjectural criticisms of the ly and instructive Christian thought. myths and religious traditions of all sorts of A. C. Armstrong Son. "Anecdotes Illustrapeople. The Bible is treated with even less re- tive of New Testament Texts." This forms one spect than the myths of other religions, indi- of the series of "The Clerical Library," an Engcating a perverse heart as well as a confused lish work reissued in this country by the above head. Such stuff as this man gives us as the publishers. The series is specially intended, as "Future Religions of the World" is both puerile the title indicates, to furnish preachers with and disgusting.--"The Jukes: a Study in Crime, stimulus and suggestion in the various departPauperism, Disease and Heredity.” We welcome ments of their work. The present volume is a new and enlarged edition of this very remark- somewhat unique iu form and structure. Wo able little book, with an Introduction by W. M. have suggestive themes for pulpit treatment, F. Round, Secretary of the National Prison As- with an appropriate text, a very brief exposition, sociation of the United States. The author, Mr, and a striking fact, incident, or historical illusDugdale, was a remarkable man, and spent years tration to each. Many of these are excellent; in tracing the history of the Juke family, the some are fanciful, others very commonplace or extraordinary results of which are given in this familiar; but, as a whole, the preacher may devolume. It is indeed a "study," and one of an rive many a useful hint or suggestion from its appalling character, and yet highly instructive. pages.

Robert Carter & Brothers. “An Explanation of Richard Bentley & Son, London. “Letters from the Epistle to the Hebrews," by Samuel T. Low- Hell." With a Preface by George MacDonald, rie, D.D. This goodly octavo has cost the au- LL.D. This bcok appeared in Denmark eighteen thor years of study and careful preparation. As years ago, and was speedily translated into Eng. a detailed exposition of chapter and verse of this lish, but has long been out of print. A German remarkable Epistle, it is a valuable commen- edition recently appeared and awakened intenso tary, and will reward the student's examination. interest in Germany. The present English verBut it is quite evident that the author lacks the sion is made from the German, and the translacritical spirit, and fails to grasp the Epistle as tor has faithfully followed the author's powerful a whole, and to develop its grand themes, and conception, but pruning certain portions, and trace its relations to other portions of the New omitting or recasting others, and adapting it to Testament. It is not the work of an original, the English mind. The title of the book is reindependent, discriminating, broad-cultured, pelling. And yet it is a book of intense interest.

It may be classed with Miss Phelps "Gates Ajar" and " Beyond the Gates," as an imaginative description of the future life. Like those, it is intensely realistic. The author is evidently familiar with the Bible, and the scenes he portrays and the characters he describes in the world of lost spirits are substantially in the line of Scripture initmations. No one can read the work without a shudder. And yet it does not aim at the "horrible," but simply to trace the workings and efferts of retributive law, in the light of a guilty conscience and a lost eter. nity, in the world of despair.

Funk & Wagn ills. "Memoirs of David Brainerd.” We are quite sure the religious public on both sides of the Atlantic will welcome a new and complete edition of this eminent Christian missionary. It has long been out of print, except in fragmentary parts, or in the ten volume edition of Jonathan Edwards' Works. The basis of this beautiful edition is that of Dr. Sereno E. Dwight's (1822), which was much fuller than the origiual work written by President Edwards. It has been carefully edited by Rev. J. M. Sherwood, revised, portions of it rewritten, with Notos, and an Introduction on the Life and Charanter of Braiuerd. And in addition to the work of the Editor, and the liberality of the Publishers, a stirring Essay on "God's Hand in Missions," by Arthur T. Pierson, D.D., is given. These new papers, covering 66 pages, will be found to add greatly to the interest of this standard edition of one of the most remarkable biographies ever given to the world. The name of David Brainerd will live in history, and in the heart of the Church while the world stands. He has well been called “the missionary saint of New Eng. land " The story of his life has been a potent force in the modern missionary era. Reading the life of Brainerd decided Heury Martyn to devote himself to the missionary work. Carey received a baptism from the same source. Thousands of Christians in America aná Europe, and all over the missionary world, have had their piety deepened, their faith quickened, and their spirit of consecration fanned into a flame by reading the wondrous record of this man's brief life and Christian experience among the Indians of the American wilderness. We know no better manual of Christian experience, no loftier example of Christian heroism and consecration to the work and purpose of Christianity since the apostolic age.—"Pastoral Theology," by James M. Hoppin, D.D. Same publishers. We have here a companion volume to the author's work on " Homiletics," published in 1881. Prof. Hoppin does all his literary work so carefully, conscientiously and thoroughly as to have won the confidence and esteem of the Christian public in an eminent degree. His ** Pastoral Theology" possesses all the characteristics of his "Homiletics," and we have no hesitation in affirming our belief that it will be found to be not only a worthy companion of it, but will take the very front rank in the kindred department to which

it is devoted. We are familiar with the many similar works which have appeared of late years covering this field, the best of which, in our judgment, is Vinet's, edited by Dr. Thomas H. Skinner. But no one of them, nor all combined, possess all the excellencies of Prof. Hoppin's royal volume Its characteristic features may be stated in few words:

"1. Its style is clear, simple, incisive, scholarly, as is true of all the Prof's writings. There is nothing involved, mystic, doubtinl, harul to be understood. 2. It is comprehensive. It covers the whole field, both in its theoretic and practical aspects. Every legitimate topic is treated, and treated in its proper relation and fullness. 3. It is systematic : thoroughly so, not only in arrangement, but in its methods of treatment. It is based on a broad and true ideal of the dignity and responsibility of the ministerial office. 4. It wisely blends theory with practice, doctrine with life, the pulpit with pastoral work: the author hits the mean, and unduly exalts no one quality or service to the injury of another. 5. Accordingly we have, as a whole, withont any parade of learning, or undue exhibition of scientific skill, the best results of modest, thorough Christian scholarship and study – the fullest, most philosophical and instructive work on Pastoral Theology which the ages have brought forth. It is a work that cannot fail to be highly popular and useful, and is an honor to American authorship,"_"Stories in Rhyme for Holiday Time," by Edward Jewett Wheeler. Illustrated by Walter Satterlee. Same publishers. The author of this beautiful holiday book is not unknown to the readers of THE HOMILETIC MONTHLY, St. Nicholas, and other publications. There is decided merit in his verses, a charming delicacy and quaintness of thought that is pleasing. The dedicatory lines to his mother are touchingly beautiful and a good specimen of the anthor's poetic gift:

"As, when a child, I bronght to thee
Some worthless pebble, bright to see:
Thep scanned thy face with eager eyes
To see it lighten with surprise,

As if a precious gem I bore:
So'now these simple tales of mine
To thy rich love I do consign-
Not for their worth, but just to see
The smile I know will welcome me,

As in the merry days of yore." The artist has done his work well, as the numerous spirited sketches testify. The publishers also have brought out the book in admirable taste.

The Outlook (Alfred Centre, N. Y.), contains Volumes I. and II. of this Sabbath - Reform monthly bound. Price to ministers, 75 cents. It is published by the Seventh-day Baptists. While we have no sympathy with its peculiar views on the Sabbath-day question, yet there is a large amount of highly useful reading matter in the volume in relation to Sabbath observance. temperance, and all the great reformatory move ments and religious questions of the day,

[blocks in formation]


186; 247

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Hints at the Meaning of Texts, 114; 177; 241;

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Decoration Day.....

Easter ....
Good Friday.........


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cess and Failure in the Ministry.......... 759





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ster, Ph. D.




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