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Late President of the Thool. Seminary, Andover.

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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1836, by

GOULD AND NEW MAN, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

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The following Lectures were designed by Dr. Porter for publication. The first course he had written with much care, and if his life had been spared, he would soon have committed them to the press. The MS. of the other course was left in an imperfect state.' It exhibits in the numerous emendations of the author, clear evidence of his desire to render his instructions in the highest degree acceptable and useful.

Several modifications in the plan of the course are noted, in conformity with which it was his intention to have remodeled the Lectures. These modifications had respect chiefly to arrangement. In revising the Lectures, it has been the aim of the editor to give them the general form they would have received from the author's hand. It should be said however, that in no case has the meaning of the original been designedly varied. The punctuation has also been carefully retained. The Lectures on Eloquence do not comprise an entire

With reference to them, Dr. Porter remarks in his “ Directions respecting his MSS.”—“ These Lectures were intended as a sequel to those which have been incorporated into my Analysis of Rhetorical Delivery. I was induced to enlarge on the vocal organs, by urgent request of those whose judgment I regarded, and because no instruction on the abuses of those organs, has been accessible in any regular form to young ministers.

The Lectures on Style are also designedly limited in extent,


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