Hawley's Law of Arrest.—Price, 75c.

This is a little book of 70 pages by John G. Hawley, the distinguished legal writer, stating the principles or the law of arrest, including the rights and duties of police officers in and before making arrests, the rights and duties of private citizens in making arrests, the rights of individuals in the matter of being arrested, the liabilities of officers and citizens for false imprisonment, warrants—their form and when necessary and when not necessary to the legality of the arrest, rights of prisoners, etc. Thousands of copies have been sold to the Police departments throughout the country, to lawyers and law students and to the general public.

Hawley's Law for Tenants-Price, 75c. A book of 78 pages bound in leather, explaining clearly the mutual rights and obligations of landlord and tenant in such plain, simple language that every person interested may understand the law on the subject and guard himself against entering into an improvident contract. It is published with a view of furnishing a safe guide to the layman as well as a good reference book to the lawyer and the law student.

Hawley's Law for Land Buyers—Price, 75c. This little book contains 56 pages, and treats fully of the law of Real Property as met within every day transactions in real estate, it having to do with the contract, the title, the deed, the mortgage, fixtures, right of possession, warranties, homestead, record, etc. Every dealer in the land should be possessed of this little treatise. Bound in leather.

Shall I study Law P-- Price, 50c. By one who has tried. Paper bound, 69 pages. The book is written for young men who are thinking of taking up the law as a special study, and giving reasons for and against it, together with much prac tical instruction, enabling young men to know what to do in answer to this question.

Our National Charters— Price, 50c. This book contains the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and Amendmec~. Washington's Farewell Address, the Dtctatorsau) Conferred on Washington, the Ordinance of 1787, the Monroe Doctrine, and the Emancipation Proclamation.

Requirements for Admission to the Bar—Price, For giving the rules and regulations of all the States and Territories.

How to Prepare for a Civil Service Examination—Price, 50c. Paper, 300 pages.

How to Build Up a Successful Commercial Law Practice—Price, sec. Paper,

very practical. By A. X. Dunner.

The Vest Pocket Parliamentary Pointer—Price, 25c. This little book answers at a glance the intricate questions of Parliamentary Law, without diagrams or reference marks to confuse or mislead. It is so small it can be concealed in the hand, and referred to during a meeting without attracting attention. It contains about 22 pages, and measures about 2j^x4 inches. It uses a system of abbreviations, condensing parliamentary rules into the smallest space.

The Baalnemi Builder — Price, 81.00. Containing a list of the prominent forwarders or distributors of commercial law business and collections in the principal cities. Exactly what the Attorney, who wants to build up a big business in this line, wants. No other book like It. The result of ten years' study of the field of agencies and commercial law firms in the large business centers. With this book and a few postage stamps you can materially Increase your clientage.

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THIS is the title of a booklet containing eleven articles, treating of eleven different specialties in the practice of law, and the various considerations that a man should weigh in determining upon any particular line of practice as his specialty, such as education and special qualifications required, peculiarities of the practice, if any, nature cf the work, the class of clients to be dealt with, compensation to be expected, etc. These articles were written by eminent men in their particular line of practice, and first appeared in The Law Student's Helper, where they attracted much attention throughout the country, and were widely quoted. The articles and their authors are as follows:

Price, 50c. delivered.


Criminal Law, by John O. Hawley, one of the authors of Hawley & McGregor on Criminal Law, Detroit, Mich.

Mining Law, by John B. Clayberg, He! .ena, Montana.

Patent Law, by Albert H. Walker, author of Walker on Patents, Hartford, Ct.

Medical Jurisprudence, by Marshall D.

Ewell, M. D., LL. D., Dean Kent College of Law, Chicago.

Real E state law, by Darius H. Pingrey, author of Pingrey on Real Property, Bloomington, Ill.

Commercial Law, by Hon. Daniel E.

Tenny, Madison,Wis., late of Tenny,

McConnell & Coffeen, Chicago. Law Teaching, by Prof. Edwin H.

Woodruff, of the Cornell Law

School, Ithaca, N. Y.

Insurance Law, by D. Ostrander, of Chicago.

Admiralty Law, by Martin Clark, of Clinton & Clark, Buffalo, N. Y.

Corporation Law, by Charles F. Mathewson, of Strong, Harmon & Mathewson, of New York.

General Practice, by John B. Green, of Cole & Green, of New York.

This list of papers from writers of such standing and ability, cannot fail to contain much of interest to every lawyer and law student.


Detroit, Michigan.

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THIS is a book that was written more for the entertainment
than the instruction of lawyers and law students, and the
author, being a true humorist, has made it very interesting.
It is amazing to note how many opportunities for fun he has found
in the Commentaries. It may be as dry as "the dry bones of the
law" to one who has never studied law, but to the lawyer and law
student it is one of the most interesting and amusing books ever
written. To the lawyer or law student, however, it will be found
to be more than merely amusing It is also a practical aid or sup-
plement to the study of Blackstone. It is remarkable how thor-
oughly a point of law may be impressed on one's mind by a ji/ke,
and A'Beckett's Comic Blackstone is full of instances of this kind.
It contains many hearty laughs and much good law, and no lawyer~
or law student who has a touch of humor in him can fail to appre
date it highly
Price, handsomely bound in cloth, $1.25.

The Sprague Publishing Co.,

Booksellers and Publishers, DETROIT, MICH.

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That a magazine that contains all the news of the commercial law world, items of interest from all sections, helpful articles and suggestions, and new ideas as to how to get business and how to handle it after you get it, is worth J1.00 per year to you?

Vou Weed

Some progressive paper dealing with the new questions and many sides of your business, giving you the best ideas of the best men in the business, and telling you what others are doing in the march to success. You can't keep up with the times and with your competitors without it.

the Hmedcan Xegal news

(Formerly The Collector and Commercial Lawyer)

Aims to fill your needs in this respect exactly. It gives you all the news. It gives you new Ideas and helpful suggestions. As the official organ of the Michigan Press Association says, "It is the Bible of the collection and commercial law business." Its editor is William C. Sprague, its assistant editor, Griffith Ogden Ellis. Every man needs his class paper. The American Legal News has no rival in its class.

Subscribe at once.

The Sprague Publishing Co.,

f l.OO Per Year. 'DETROIT, MICH.

I*ll&w Student's Helper.

A Monthly Magazine for Law Students and Young Men Generally.

This magazine interests law students because it gives them practical help and suggestions about their work; because it gives them every month a variety of interesting reading matter selected with particular regard to their needs and to their tastes; because it discusses matters from their standpoint, and so has made itself recognized as the especial magazine for and organ of the law students of the country.

Among its special departments are: "Short Talks on Current Events of Interest to Law Students," "Law School Notes," giving all the news from the law schools; "Law Students1 Societies, "giving the doings of the law students' societies of the country, with suggestions and helps as to the work of such societies; "Questions Answered and Difficulties Met for Students of the Law;" "The SelfExaminer," giving questions and answers selected from bar examinations. In addition to these special departments it gives every month a great variety of interesting and practical miscellaneous articles.

That it is popular with its subscribers and worthy of your patronage is evidenced by the fact that it has attained a greater circulation than any other legal magazine in the country. Its editor-in-chief is Win. C. Sprague, president ofthe Sprague Correspondence School of Law, and its assistant editor is Griffith Ogden Ellis, vice-principal of that school. They know what law students want. You will like the magazine.

Subscribe at Once,

91.00 per year.

The Sprague Publishing Co.,


The Sprague Correspondence School of Law, of Detroit, Michigan, prepares you right in your own home for examination for admission to the bar. It selects the proper text books; it mapsout the proper course; it helps you over the rough places; it shows you how to learn everything worth learning, and how to avoid the non-essential matter; it gives you thorough examinations, and fits you in every way for active practice. For those who do not feel prepared to take up a regular course in law, it furnishes a Preparatory Course of three months, which every man and woman, and every boy and girl whether proposing to practise law or not, should study. It also furnishes a Business Law Course, the most thorough course on Business Law that can be had anywhere Whether or not

you desire to practice law, you should enroll yourself as a student in this School, and use your spare moments in useful study along practical lines. The law forms an exceedingly interesting study, and is a splendid course for general culture. A handsome* catalogue with testimonials from practising attorneys, free. Remember that our system only requires that you devote to it your spare moments.

Address Sprague Correspondence School of Law,

Majestic Building, DETROIT, MICH.





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