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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1841

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I'm reviewing the short story of 'The Valley of the Worm' and not a collection by that name. Howard presents another of his reincarnation tales, this time his main character recalls a previous life ... Les hele vurderingen


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In this successor to the first volume of his memoir, Palimpsest (1995), prolific novelist/essayist/gadfly Vidal mixes mournful minor keys among his usual trumpet blasts against what he regards as an ... Les hele vurderingen

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Side 379 - GENERAL : In compliance with your request, I have the honor to submit the...
Side 385 - It is also agreed on the part of the United States that such warriors of the Cherokee Nation as were engaged on the side of the United States in the late war with Great Britain and the southern tribes of Indians, and who were wounded in such service, shall be entitled to such pensions as shall be allowed them by the Congress of the United -189 States, to commence from the period of their disability.
Side 385 - An act to provide for liquidating and paying certain claims of the State of Virginia," you propose for my opinion the two following questions arising out of those provisions, viz : 1.
Side 8 - ... were indispensable to the public service. This suspension and the excesses in banking and commerce out of which it arose, and which were greatly aggravated by its occurrence, made to a great extent unavailable the principal part of the public money then on hand, suspended the collection of many millions accruing on merchants' bonds, and greatly reduced the revenue arising from customs and the public lands.
Side 220 - ART. 6. It is agreed that an exploring party not exceeding three in number may visit the country west, if the Indians shall consider it necessary, and that whenever those who are desirous of emigrating shall signify their wish to that effect, the United States will defray the expenses of their removal west of the Mississippi and furnish them with subsistence for one year after their arrival at their new homes.
Side 15 - ... more essential to the efficiency of a government strong in the best of all possible strength — the confidence and attachment of all those who make up its constituent elements. Thus believing, it has been my purpose to secure to the whole people, and to every member of the confederacy, by general, salutary, and equal laws alone, the benefit of those republican institutions which it was...
Side 7 - The commissioners appointed under the convention for the adjustment of claims of citizens of the United States upon...
Side xxvii - Syracuse." 23. The bill for the distribution of the proceeds of the sales of the public lands among the several States...
Side 6 - ... authorized, upon their oaths, impartially to fix and determine, according to the true intent of the said treaty of peace of one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, that part of the boundary between the dominions of the two powers, which extends from the water communication between lake Huron and lake Superior, to the most north-western point of the lake of the woods...
Side 5 - If clouds have lowered above the other hemisphere, they have not cast their portentous shadows upon our happy shores. Bound by no entangling alliances, yet linked by a common nature and interest with the other nations of mankind, our aspirations are for the preservation of peace, in whose solid and civilizing triumphs all may participate with a generous emulation. Yet it behooves us to be prepared for any event and to be always ready to maintain those just and enlightened principles of national intercourse...

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