Lloyd's Agency Office. Gibraltar, May 29, 1854. SIR,—My attention has been drawn by Captain the Hon. George Grey, R.N. captain of this port, to the expediency of giving information through your estab lishment, to masters of vessels arriving here, with regard to a red heacon buoy placed 500 feet in a direct line from the new mole point in this bay, denoting shoal water within it from the deposit of stone for the elongation of the said mole.

The following is also the copy of a report recently made by Mr. W. W. Kiddle, master of Her Majesty's steamer Cruiser :

Red beacon buoy in 11 fathoms, bearing from the new mole head N. 15o W. by compass distant 500 feet. Marks---Outer end of the mole at the ragged statf on with the centre of the Moorish Castle, N. 29° E., clock tower on the dockyard on with the north-end of the United Service Hotel (on New Mole Parade), S. 40° E.


Agent for Lloyd's. Secretary, Lloyd's.

RECIPROCITY. See TUSCANY, in this part.

MANUFACTURES OF FOREIGN PRODUCE. All manufactures of Gibraltar, made of materials of foreign produce liable to duty upon importation into the United Kingdom, upon which no such duty has been paid, or upon which drawback of such duty has been allowed in the United Kingdom, shall, for the purposes of duty, be deemed to be the produce of and imported from a foreign country.—16 & 17 Vic. c. 106, § 2. (Aug. 20, 1853.)


Gibraltar. In account and exchange is the Pesa dura, called the Spanish hard dollar, divided into 12 current reals, the dollar is made a legal tender in all British colonies, where it circulates at 4s. 2d. sterling. The Spanish doubloon in value at 16 dollars, forming the principal coin in circulation. Here is no paper money. 1 dollar (100 cents)

12 reals. 1 real

16 quartos. The same as in Spain.

COURSE OF EXCHANGE. English silver and copper

London, money also circulate.

51}d. per dollar. Marseilles,

Fs.cts. 5:37. do.

90days' date,

Ls. cs, 5:35
£s. d. Paris,

Fs.cts.5 40 Doubloon, 16 dollars 3 90

A premium or Halves and quarters in pro- Malaga,

discount pr.cnt. portion.


is reckoned as Cadiz, 8 days'sight,

the difference SILVER. Seville,

in the rates on Hard dollar 0 4 4

these place. Halves,

quarters, and eights in proportion.

The number of days of grace at GibralSpanish or hard dollars bear tar is ree.

generally a premium of 1 to 3

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per cent.



These are the same as in England with the exception of the arroba, which is equal to 26 lb. English, or 3} English gallons; and the fanega, of which five (strike measure of wheat) are equal to 8 Winchester bushels, or 2 fanegas (heaped measure of maize and horse-beans) are equal to 4; Winchester bushels.



Malta, September 22, 1853. The lighthouse recently erected on Cape Giordan, in the Island of Gozo, will be lighted on the 15th of October next ensuing, and on every subsequent night. Its revolving light will be visible once in every minute.

Europe.— The Island of Malta and its Dependencies shall be deemed to be in Europe. 16 and 17 Vict., c. 107, $ 194. [August 20, 1853.]


MONEYS. By the government accounts are kept in sterling, but by the mercantile classes in scudo of 12 tari of 20 grani each. The Sicilian scudo gives the value to the Maltese pezza of 4s. 2d. sterling. 1 Pizza or Sicilian dollar

30 grani. 12 Tari at 12 grani

1 scudo. 20 Grani

1 tari. GOLD.


£ 8. d. Doppia of 10 scudi 1 0 0 London, 1 month, 4s. 1d. for 1 pezza. SILVER.


25 tari 1 ducat. 1 Dollar Sicilian 0 4 2 Genoa,

57 for 1 lira nuova. Once of 2 scudi 0 4 4 Leghorn,

41 for 1 Tuscany. Scudi 0 1 8 Trieste,

14 for 1 florin silver. Tari.

0 0
8 Marseilles,

5f for 1 franc. Copper pieces of 15, i

tari or 20:10 and 5

grani. The Spanish doubloon

41. Maltese scudi. The English sovereign

12; ditto. Ducth and Austrian

ducat 5 ditto. The French Louis d'or

10 ditto. Sicilian once 61 ditto.

scudo is 2 scudi 12 tari. Spanish dollar 2 scudi

8 tari. Convention thaler 2

scudi 6 tari. 5 Franc piece 2 scudi

6 tari. The English copper 1d.

is 12 grani.


Sce TUSCANY, in this Part.

MANUFACTURES OF FOREIGN PRODUCE. All manufactures of Malta, made of materials of foreign produce liable to duty upon importation into the United Kingdom, upon which no such duty has been paid, or upon which drawback of such duty has been allowed in the United Kingdom, shall, for the purposes of duty, be deemed to be the produce of and imported from a foreign country. 15 & 16 Vict., c. 106, $ 2. (August 20, 1853.]


A group of islands in the Mediterranean consisting of Majorca, Minorc a Iviza, Formentera, and Cabrera, and forming a province of Spain.—Keith Johnson.


Hydrographic Office, Admiralty, April 12, 1852. Her Majesty's government has been officially informed, that on the 20th of March last, a revolving light was established on the central peak of Dragonera Islet, off the western end of Majorca.

The tower stands 39° 37'50" N., and 2° 20' E. of Greenwich, and displays, in all directions, a bright light once in every two minntes, at an elevation of 1,180 feet above the level of the sea, and can be well seen at the distance of 18 miles.

MINORCA. A fixed light has also been placed by the Spanish government on the remains of San Felipe Castle, at the Western side of the entrance to Port Mahon.

The tower stands in 39° 50' 28" N. and 4° 22' 48" E. of Greenwich, and about 137 yards from the extremity of San Felipe Point, from which a reef extends two-thirds of a cable's length.

The light being elevated 74 feet above the sea, is therefore visible from the deck of a vessel at the distance of 13 miles, and in all directions except where screened by the land.



REDUCTION OF DUTIES. By B. T. N., May 1, 1854, and despatch from Her Majesty's Chargé d'Affaires at Florence, is reported the intended reduction by the Roman government of one-tenth of the present import duties on goods of the following description that may be imported for sale at the approaching fair of Sinigaglia, riz. :

Woven goods; colonials ; wrought iron ; natural steel, in bars, rods, or bundles; every description of iron instruments and utensils, serving for arts and manufactures ; worked woods of ordinary and fine descriptions, including toys; earthenware (fine and ordinary); glass and crystal manufac.



tures, excepting window panes and looking-glasses ; choice wines and beer and salted fish.

By notificatiou issued by the Papal government, the permission granted by the notification of October 5, 1853, for the free importation of wheat, of Indian corn, and the flour thereof, of spelt, of barley, of oats, of legumes . (except lupini), of potatoes, and of chestnuts, and the four thereof is extended to the end of April, 1855.


Rome. Accounts are kept in Scudi Romano or crown, divided into 10 Paoli or Pauls, the value at par being 4s. 2d. English; the Paolo is, therefore, 5d. sterling, and the Bajochi įd. In gold the 10 scudi piece, the silver scudi of 10 Paoli, the par of exchange with London being made at 48 Paoli. 1 Scudo Romano (10 Paoli)

100 Bajochi.

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£ 8. d.
2 2 6 London 48 paoli for £1 sterling.

1 3 Paris 90 days 18.32 for 1 franc.
0 10 74 Venice 30

15.55 for 100 liras. Milan 30

15.68 for 1 ans lira Genoa 30 18.30 for 1 lira. Augsburg 90 46.50 for 1 florin con. Amsterdam 90 39.20 for 1 torin. Florence 90

15.63 for 1 lira 0 4 2

0 2 1 Leghorn 90

15.60 for 1 lira 0 0 10

Tuscano. 0 0 5 Naples

79.51 for 1 duc di 0 0 39 regno. Trieste 90

46.80 for 100 florins. No days of grace.

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1 Scudo or crown

(5 Paoli)


Paoli of 10 baj.


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Spanish dollars count at 10 pauls 5 bajochi.

COPPER. Bajochis, halves and



100 Lira
100 Braccia
100 Rubbio
100 Boccali


72.26 lb. Avordupois.
70.36 imperial yards.
94.00 imperial quarters.
37.4 imperial gallons.


Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom (Germ. Lombardisch Venetianisches Königreich, Ital. Regno Lombardo Veneto), a political and administrative division of the Austrian empire in Italy, forming two governments.- I. Lombardy, divided into the delegs. Milan, Brescia, Cremona, Mantua, Bergamo, Como, Pavia, Lodi, and Sondrio, cap. Milan.-II. Venice, with the delegs. Venice, Verona, Udine, Padua, Vicenza, Treviso, Rovigo, and Belluno. It is composed of a vast plain inclined to the S.W., and situated entirely in the basin of the Adriatic, between lat. 44° 47' 10" and 46° 40' 25" N., and lon. 8° 33' and 13° 43' E. The Lombardo-Venetian kingdom was formed in 1814, of part of the kingdom of Italy, created by Napoleon. The congress of Vienna recognized it as a possession of the Austrian empire.—Keith Joinston.


(NOTIFICATION.) Owing to the rise in the price of grain, I have been induced to order that

1. The exportation of every kind of grain, especially wheat, Indian corn, ryo, oats, and their

respective flours and pastes, is pronibited until further notice. 2. During the said prohibition the control in couformity with the Customs regulation will be put in force

3. Grain, fours, pastes, which may be seized in contravention of this order will, independently of the penalties incurred towards the finance, be confiscated for the benefit of the poor of the parish where they were seized.

4. A particular notification will be published as to the commerce of grain, flour, and pastes, with the Duchies of Modena and Parma, and also on the application of this order to the territory of the free port of Venice.

From the I. R. General Military and Civil Government of the Lombardo-Venetian
Monza, August 4, 1853.


MONEYS. The Lira is equal to the 20 Kreuzer piece, or the frd part of the Austrian forin, 6 Lira a species dollar, and 3 Lira 1 forin. The Lira in sterling is about 8113 d. sterling, from which the par of exchange is quoted at Lira 29.50 cent. per £ sterling, and sometimes 48d. per 6 Lira Austria.

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Ls. Cs. Sovereign of 40 Lira


29.30 per £ sterling. Austrian 1 7 6 Paris

1.15 i franc. Sovereign 0 13 9 Amsterdam

2.42 1 fiorin. Sequin of Venice (old) 0 9

5 Augsburg

2.96 1 fiorin. 40 Lira Italian .

1 15 10 Frankford, O. M.. 2.44 i florin. 20 0 15 11 Hamburg

2.16 1 Mkbo. Na. SILVER.


1.143 1 Lira 1 Lira 0 0 81 Naples

4.88 1 ducat. 0 0 4 Leghorn

971 1 Lira F. Crown of 6 Lira Austrian 0 40 Rome

6.18 1 Scudo. , of 3 0 2 0 Vienna

2.977 1 florin. Crown of 5 Lira Italian 0 4 0 No days of grace at Milau or Venice; 15 Centisimi

0 0 11 in London bills are drawn on these places at 90 days' date.


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Accounts are kept in Venice (and have been since 1824) in Austrian lire, of about the value of 8143d., and cents of the Austrian lira. The pieces of money in circulation are -SILVER-The Convention dollar of 6 Austrian lire. Do.

florin of 3 The Austrian

piece of 1 Do.

of 0.50 centesimi, Do.

of 0.25 COPPER- The Austrian

of 5 Do.

of 3 Do.

of 1

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There are also pieces of gold of 40 and 20 Austrian lire, but these are subject to an agio, silver being a legal tender in the Austrian States.

Report by Sir J. Bowring.

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