Books-continued. deposit in the United Kingdom of the original work, and the whole of such transla

tion must be published within three years of such registration and deposit. 4. Such translation must be registered, and a copy thereof deposited in the United

Kingdom within a time to be mentioned in that behalf in the order by which it is protected, and in the manner provided by the said International Copyright Act for

the registration and deposit of original works, 3. In the case of books published in parts, each part of the original work must be

registered and deposited in this country in the manner required by the said International Copyright within three months after the first publication thereof in the

foreign country. 6. In the case of dramatic pieces the translation sanctioned by the author must be

pablished within three calendar months of the registration of the original work. 7. The above requisitions shall apply to articles originally published in newspapers or

periodicals if the same be afterwards published in a separate form, but shall not apply to such articles as originally published.

Pirated Copies.-All copies of any works of literature or art wherein there is any subsisting copyright by virtue of the International Copyright Act and this Act, or of any order in council made in pursuance of such Acts, and which are printed, reprinted, or made in any foreign country except that in which such work sball be first published, and all unauthorised translations of any book or dramatic piece the publication or public representation in the British dominions of translations whereof not authorised as in this Act mentioned shall for the time being be prevented under any order in council made in pursuance of this Act, are hereby absolutely prohibited to be imported into any part of the British dominions, except by or with the consent of the registered proprietor of the copyright of such work or of such book or piece, or his agent authorised in writing. $ 9.

The provisions herein before contained shall be incorporated with the International Copyright Act, and shall be read and construed therewith as one Act. (Foregoing Act, 7 & 8 Vict.]

French Translations and Dramatic Pieces. During the continuance of the convention, and so long as the order in council already made under the International Copyright Act remains in force, the provisions herein before contained shall apply to the convention with the French, and to translations of books and dramatic pieces which are, after the passing of this Act, published or represented in France, in the same manner as if Her Majesty had issued her order in council in pursuance of this Act for giving effect to such convention, and had therein directed that such translations should be protected as hereinbefore mentioned for a period of five years from the date of the first publication or public representation thereof respectively, and as if a period of three months from the publication of such translation were the time mentioned in such order as the time within which the same must be registered and a copy thereof deposited in the United Kingdom. $ 11.

Rates of Duty.—The rates of duty shall not be raised during the continuance of the convention; and if during the continuance of the convention any further reduction of such rates is made in favour of books, prints, or drawings published in any other foreign country, Her Majesty may, by order in council

, declare that such reduction shall be extended to similar articles published in France. $12.

Doubts.--And whereas doubts have arisen as to the construction of the Schedule of the Act of 9 & 10 Vict. c. 58, it is hereby declared, that for the purposes of the Act every work published in the country of export, of which part has been originally produced in the United Kingdom, shall be subject to the duty payable on "works originally produced in the United Kingdom, and republished in the country of export," although it contains also original matter not produced in the United Kingdom, unless it be proved to the satisfaction of the Commissioners of Customs by the importer, consignee, or other person entering the same that such original matter is at least equal to the part of the work produced in the United Kingdom, in which case the work shall be subject only to the duty on “works not originally produced in the United Kingdom." $ 13.

Lithographs, dc.—The provisions of former Acts are intended to include prints taken by lithography, or any other mechanical process by which prints BOOKS-continued. or impressions of drawings or designs are capable of being multiplied indefinitely

By 0. C. Feb. 11, 1854, it is stated, that their lordships have communicated with the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council, with a view to the alteration of the order in council giving effect to the treaty of international copyright with Hamburg.

My Lords are informed that in the opinion of the lords of the council, Her Majesty in council does not possess the power to amend the order in question, or any of the orders in council which have been passed under the Act 9 & 10 Vict. cap, 58, (page 57] so as to make the duties to be levied under such orders in council in accordance with those imposed by the Customs Tariff Act.

As regards, however, books admitted under the authority of Orders in Council from foreign countries with which treaties of international copyright have been concluded, my Lords are pleased to direct that such books shall come in at the rates of duty imposed by the Act 16 & 17 Vict., cap. 106 (this tariff], although such rates are lower than those mentioned in the treaties, and sanctioned by the Orders in Council.

With regard to prints of a larger kind-when a dozen would weigh more than 1 lb., such prints, if admitted at the rate imposed by the Tariff Act of last Session, would be subject to a higher duty than that stipulated for in the treaties.

My Lords are therefore pleased to direct that as regards prints admitted under the treaties referred to, the duty sanctioned by the orders in council shall only be levied when it would be lower than that imposed by the Act of last Session. In all other cases they should come in at the rate imposed by this tariff.

SIZES. Folio is the largest size, of which 2 leaves, or 4 pages, make a sheet. Quarto (4to.) 4 leaves or 8 pages. Octavo (8vo.), 8 leaves, or 16 pages. Duodecimo (12mo.) 12 leares or 24 pages. Octodecimo (18mo.) 18 leaves, or 36 pages.-Ed.

AUTHOR'S PROPERTY. It has been decided by the most eminent judges that an author has at common law, and according to the eternal rules of justice, a property in what he writes, so that no one can print it or reprint it without his permission. The statutes which have been passed upon this subject, from the reigu of Queen Anne to the reign of Queen Victoria, have been in abridgment of the rights of authors, giving them, by way of compensation, improved remedies when their property is invaded.-Lord Campbell, Dr. Milman, and Mr. Grote's decision on the Question of 'Underselling,May 19, 1852.


Free Borax, refined

Free Borax, or Tincal, unrefined

Free BOTTLES, of Earth and Stone .

Free Boxes of all sorts, excepting those made wholly or partly

of Glass, on which the proper Glass Duty will be levied, 1001. val.

10 0 0 Box WOOD


Free Brass, Manufactures of, not otherwise enumerated, cwt. 0 10 0 Powder of

Free Old, fit only to be re-manufactured

Free Wire

Free BRAZIL Wood.


Free BRICKS or Clinkers, Dutch

Free other Sorts

Free BRIMSTONE, unrefined .

Free refined, in Rolls

Free in Flour

Free BRISTLES, rough and in the tufts, and not in any way soited Free

in any way sorted or arranged in colours, and not
entirely rough and in the tufts

Free BROCADE, of Gold or Silver, lb.

0 5 0 BRONZE, all Works of Arts

Free Manufactures of, or of Metal bronzed or lacquered, cwt..

0 10 0 Powder

Free For QUANTITIES, see MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION, prefixed to the Journal.

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£ 8. d. BRUSHES, Paint

Free Bullion and Foreign Coin, of Gold or Silver


Free BUTTER, Cwt.

0 5 0 of and from a British Possession, cwt.


Free other Sorts

Free CABLES (not being Iron Cables), tarred or untarred, old and new

Free CAMEOs, not set


Free CAMPHOR, unrefined

Free refined




3,416 1,039

1,767 1,170


-Economist, April 22, 1854. CANDLES, viz., SPERMACETI, cwt.

0 2 4 Stearine, till April 5, 1858, unless the duty upon tallow

be repealed at an earlier time, in which case, or after
April 5, 1858, this duty shall be reduced to the same
rate as Tallow Candles, cwt.

0 3 6 Tallow, cwt.

0 2 4 Wax, cwt.



Free CANES, viz., BAMBOO

Free Rattans, not ground

Free Reed Canes

Free Walking Canes or Sticks, mounted, painted, or otherwise ornamented, 100

06 ( Umbrella and Parasol Sticks, 100

0 3 0 or Sticks, unenumerated



Free Manufactures of, lb.

0 0 4 CAPERS, including the Pickle, lb.



Free Cards, viz., Playing Cards, doz. packs

0 15 0 No pack or parcel of playing cards imported into any part of the United Kingdom shall be sold or exposed or kept for sale without being separately enclosed in a wrapper provided by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue, with such device thereon as they shall direct, and securely fastened round or over the same by means of some adhesive substance, and so that such wrapper cannot be opened without being destroyed; and if any person sell, or offer or expose or keep for sale, any pack or parcel of playing cards, not being a pack of cards within the meaning of 'an act

passed in the present session, chapter fiftynine, and

enclosed in a wrapper of a licensed maker of playing cards approved by the said 'Commissioners, and the same not being bond fide waste cards within the meaning of the same act, without the same being enclosed in a wrapper provided by the last-mentioned Commissioners in pursuance of this act, and fastened as herein-before in that behalf mentioned, he shall for every such pack or parcel of cards forfeit, if he shall not be a licensed maker of playing cards, 610, and if he be such licensed maker £20 whether such cards shall have been made in the United Kingdom or imported, 16 and 17 Vict., c. 107, sec. 114, Aug. 0, 1853. The Commissioners of Inland Revenue shall provide wrappers for enclosing cards imported into the United Kingdom, in such form and with such device and with any words and figures thereon as they shall think proper, at any port or place where the same shall be required, to enclose in such wrappers any cards imported.




o£ "s. d. CARMINE

Free CARRIAGES of all sorts

Free Casks, empty

Free Cassava Powder, cwt.

0 0 4 Cassia, Buds

Free Fistula

Free Lignea, lb.

0 0 1 CASTOR

Free Casts of Busts, Statues, or Figures



Free CEDAR Wood.

Free CHALK, unmanufactured, prepared or manufactured, and not otherwise enumerated

Free CHEESE, Cwt.

0 26 of and from British Possessions, cwt.

0 1 6 The Duty on Cheese to be charged on landing Weight. By C. M., Oct. 12, 1853, on an application that a quantity of cheese entered for exportation only, may be taken according to an average weight, and that general permission may be granted for the like course to be adopted on any future similar importations,

The Board grant the request in respect to cheese entered for exportation only, application in each instance being made to the landing surveyor of the station, who will direct such quantities of the cheese to be weighed as he may deem necessary, in order to ascertain the average weight of each parcel upon which the total weight is to be computed, care being taken that the whole of the packages be carefully examined. CHERRIES, raw, bush.

0 0 2 dried, until July 5, 1854, inclusive, lb.

0 0 2 from and after July 5, 1854, lb.


Free Chicory, or any other Vegetable Matter applicable to the Uses of Chicory or Coffee, roasted or ground, lb.

0 0 4 raw or kiln-dried, until October 10, 1854, inclusive, cwt.

0 4 0 from October 10, 1854

Free CHINA Room

Free China or Porcelain Ware, plain, painted, gilt, and ornament, cwt.

0 10 0 CHIP or Willow for platting



Free CINNAMON, lb.

. 0 0 2 QUARTERLY SALES. The quarterly series of public sales opened on Feb. 7, 1854, and were concluded the next day. The 4,364 bales and 70 packages comprised 996 bales of first, 2,402 bales of second, and 966 bales of third and fourth sorts. There have been 3,600 bales and 70 packages sold, at a decline of 2d. to 3d. per round from the previous sales' currency; the prices obtained have ruled from Is. 4d. to 2s. 1d. per pound for first, 1s. 2d. to 1s. 7d. for second, is. to ls. 4d. for third, and from 11d. to ls. for fourth sorts.- T'imes. CITRATE of LIME


Free CITRON, preserved with Salt


Free Clocks, not ex. val. of 58. each, doz..

0 4 0 ex. val. of 5s. and not ex. val. of 12s. Ed., each doz.. 0 8 0 ex. val. of 12s. 6d. and not ex. val. of 31., each 0 2 0 ex. val. of 31. and not ex. val. of 101. each

0 4 0 ex. val. of 101. each, each

0 10 0 Cloves, lb.

0 0 2 For QUANTITIES, see MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION, prefixed to the Journal.




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£ 8. d. Coats, Culm, or Cinders


Free Ore of, and Oxide of :



Free Cocoa, Ib.

0 0 1 Husks and Shells, lb. :

0 0 05 Paste or Chocolate, lb.

0 2 Coculus INDICUS, cwt.

0 5 0 COFFEE, Ib.

0 0 3 kiln-dried, roasted, or ground, lb.

0 0 4 CoIR ROPE, Twine, and Strands



Free Coufits, dry, until July 5, 1854, inclusive, lb.

0 0 2 from and after July 5, 1834, lb.

0 0 1 CONFECTIONERY, July 5, 1854, inclusive, lb.

0 0 2 from and after July 5, 1854, lb.

0 0 15 COPPER, Ore of

Free : Regulus of

Free old, fit only to be re-manufactured

Free unwrought, in Bricks or Pigs, Rose Copper, and all cast Copper

Free Part wrought, viz.

, Bars, Rods, or Ingots hammered or raised

Free in Plates and Copper Coin


Manufactures of, not otherwise enumerated, and
Copper Plates engraved, cwt.

0 10 0 COPPERAS, Blue

Free Green,

Free White.

Free CORAL, Beads. (See Beads.) in Fragments .

Free whole, polished

Free unpolished

Free Negligees, lb. .

0 1 0 CORDAGE, tarred or untarred.


Free Corks, ready made, lb.

0 0 6 squared for rounding, cwt.

08 Fishermen's

Free Corn, Grain, MEAL, and Flour, viz. :Wheat, qr.

0 1 0

0 1 0 Oats, qr.

0 1 0 Rye, qr.

0 1 0 0 1 0

0 1 0 Maize or Indian Corn, qr.

0 1 0 Buck Wheat, qr.

0 1 0 Bear or Bigg, qr;

0 0 Wheat Meal and Flour, cwt.

0 0 41 Barley Meal, cwt.

0 0 41 Oat Meal and Groats, cwt.

0 0 44 For QUANTITIES, sce MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION, prefixed to the Journal.

Barley, qr.

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Pease, qr.
Beans, qr.




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