Results of Geophysical and Solar Observations: With Report and Notes of the Director

Reports for 1883-1902 include observations taken at St. Ignatius' College, Malta.

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Pagina 51 - THE meteorological observations made at the Adelaide Observatory and other places in South Australia and the Northern Territory during the year...
Pagina 42 - WILDE, H.: On the Causes of the Phenomena of Terrestrial Magnetism, and on some Electro-mechanism for exhibiting the Secular Changes in its Horizontal and Vertical Components.
Pagina 40 - Majesty's Astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope to the Secretary of the Admiralty for the year 1901 London 1902.
Pagina 31 - Wind and Weather, Currents, Tides, and Tidal Streams in the East Indian Archipelago.
Pagina 42 - On the evidence afforded by Bode's Law of a permanent Contraction of the Radii Vectores of the Planetary Orbits.
Pagina 41 - Report for the year 4894/95, presenled by the Board of Managers of the Observatory of Yale University to the President and Fellows.
Pagina 30 - FRS , as to the short period cyclical changes in the magnetic condition of the earth, and in the distribution of temperature on its surface," by Joseph Baxendell, who read it recently before the Liverpool Astronomical Society.
Pagina 53 - Vapour in a cubic ft .of air grains Mean additional weight required for saturation Mean degree of Humidity Mean weight of a cubic foot of air...
Pagina 53 - Arcano del mare " with reference to our knowledge of the magnetic declination in the earlier part of the seventeenth century.
Pagina 33 - Essa;y on the variations of the atmospheric pressure over Siberia and Eastern Asia, during the months of January and February 1890

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