Epitome of the Art of Navigation: Or, A Short, Easy and Methodical Way to Become a Compleat Navigator ...

J. Mount and T. Page, 1770 - 447 sider

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Side 122 - We infer from this that a triangle can be constructed with three given lines as sides, when the sum of any two sides is greater than the third side.
Side 45 - BD, is to their Difference ; fo is the Tangent of half the Sum of the Angles BDC and BCD, to the Tangent of half their Difference.
Side 151 - AZIMCTR circles, called azimuths, or vertical circles, are great circles of the sphere, intersecting each other in the zenith and nadir, and cutting the horizon at right angles in all the points thereof.
Side 145 - ... globe. A Strait is a narrow part of the ocean lying between two shores, and opening a way into some sea, as the Straits of Gibraltar that lead into the Mediterranean Sea. A Creek is a small narrow part of the sea or river, that goes up but a little way into the land.
Side 130 - ... the angle CGH (1. PI. Tr.): But since CG, HG are at right angles to DGB, which is the common section of the planes CBD, ABD, the angle CGH will be equal to the inclination of these planes (6.
Side 105 - Difference of Latitude, is to the Difference of Longitude ; fo is the Sine Complement of the Middle Latitude, to the Tangent of the Courfe, or more briefly thus : As Diff.
Side 208 - ... as the radius is to the tangent of the latitude ; so is the tangent of the sun's declination to the sine of the ascensional difference sought. This, converted into time, shows how much he rises...
Side ii - Navigatio Britannica: or, a complete System of Navigation, in all its Branches, both with regard to theory and practice; containing Geometry, Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, Astronomy, and the doctrine of the Sphere, &c.
Side 129 - Is to the cosine of half their difference, So is the cotangent of half the contained angle To the tangent of half the sum of the other angle*.
Side 199 - OH the globe by the divisions on the quadrant of altitude, in its motion about the body of the globe, when screwed to the zenith. PARALLELS of declination, in astronomy, are the same with parallels of latitude, in geography. PARALLEL sphere...

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