MORNING SESSION. The fourth regular session of the Association was opened in the Theater Vendome, on Thursday morning at nine o'clock; President Marble in the chair.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Lin. Cave, of the Christian Church, Nashville.

W. E. Sheldon read an abstract of the paper prepared by John Jay on: Has the Denominational School a Place in America ?

E. E. White then presented the report of the committee appointed at the Washington meeting of the Department of Superintendence on the condition of the United States Bureau of Education.

John Hancock moved that the report be adopted, and that the committee be continued as representing this Association, with instructions to properly memorialize Congress in the premises.


The President of the Council then made the usual report of the proceedings of that body.

J. L. Pickard then moved, in behalf of the Trustees and as instructed by the Board of Directors, a new by-law, as follows:

5. It shall be the duty of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Association to appoint annually some competent person to examine the securities of the permanent fund held by the Board of Trustees, and his certificate, showing the condition of the said fund, shall be attached to the report of the Board of Trustees.


The President then called on the representatives of the Tennessee cities desiring to extend invitations to the Association.

B. A. Hinsdale, of Michigan, then read a paper on: The Culture Value of the History of Education.

The President called Vice-President Wise to the chair.

W. H. Payne, of Tennessee, then continued the discussion with a paper on: The Value of the History of Educational Legislation and Administration.

The Secretary then read a dispatch from the South Carolina Teachers' Association, conveying greetings to the National Association.

Mr. Eaton moved that the President and Secretary make suitable response.


The Secretary then read the names of the committee appointed to wait on Mrs. Polk, as follows:

A. P. Marble, Massachusetts; James H. Canfield, Kansas; E. C. Hewett, Illinois; John Eaton, Ohio; W. E. Sheldon, Massachusetts; W. H. Bartholomew, Kentucky; F. W. Parker, Illinois; Miss Clara Conway, Tennessee; Miss B. A. Dutton, Ohio; Joseph Baldwin, Texas; S. H. Peabody, Illinois; George Howland, Illinois; Miss Higbee, Tennessee; A. 8. Draper, New York; H. S. Tarbell, Rhode Island; L. S. Thompson, New Jersey; William T. Harris, Massachusetts; E. E. White, Ohio; H. S. Jones, Pennsylvania; B. A. Hinsdale, Michigan; Rt. Rev. John J. Keane, District of Columbia; Miss Nora Smith, California; E. B. McElroy, Oregon; Mr. Kirtland, Canada; J. W. Johnson, Mississippi; J. L. Pickard, Iowa; Aaron Gove, Colorado; Henry Sabin, Iowa; W. R. Thigpen, Georgia; W. H. Payne, Tennessee; J. B. Merwin, Missouri; D. L. Kiehle, Minnesota; W. A. Bell, Indiana; J. A. B. Lovett, Alabama; Mr. Straus, West Virginia; H. A. Wise, Maryland; Mr. Parham, Arkansas; John Hancock, Obio; N. A. Calkins, New York.

After further notices, S. G. Williams, of New York, read a paper on: The Value of the History of Education to Teachers.

W. H. Venable read a paper on: The First Schools in the Ohio Valley.
George Howland then read a pape on: The Recitation.
The session then adjourned.

EVENING SESSION. The fifth regular session of the Association met in the Theater Vendome, on the evening of Thursday, at eight o'clock; President Marble in the chair.

Prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Gardner, of Nashville.
In the absence of the Secretary, W. E. Sheldon was appointed Secretary

pro tem,

The report of the Committee on Nominations was presented by J. M. Greenwood, Secretary, as follows:

The Committee on Nominations beg leave to submit the following names for officers of the Association for the ensuing year:

For President: James H. Canfield, Kansas.
For Secretary: W. R. Garrett, Tennessee.
For Treasurer: E. C. Hewett, Illinois.

For Vice-Presidents : A. P. Marble, Massachusetts; W. F. Slaton, Georgia; D. B. Johnson, South Carolina; E. A. Steere, Montana; C. C. Davidson, Obio; Alexander Hogg, Texas; T. A. Futrall, Arkansas; E. H. Cook, New Jersey; Alonzo Hill, Alabama; C. A. Schaeffer, Iowa; W. S. Jones, Tennessee; E. B. McElroy, Oregon.

For Board of Directors: Joseph Baldwin, Texas; W. H. Bartholomew, Kentucky; W. M. Beardshear, Iowa; W. A. Bell, Indiana; J. M. Bloss, Kansas; LeRoy D. Brown, Nevada; J. 0. Churchill, Wyoming; P. P. Claxton, North Carolina; R. W. Coltman, New Mexico; J. C. Davidson, Arkansas; S. T. Dutton, Connecticut; W. F. Fox, Virginia; F. B. Gault, Washington; Frank Goodman, Tennessee; T.J. Gray, Minnesota; J. H. Hoose, New York; H. M. James, Nebraska; D. W. Jarvis, Oregon; J. W. Johnson, Mississippi; E. S. Joynes, South Carolina; F. L. Kern, Florida; A. G. Lane, Illinois; E. O. Lyte, Pennsylvania; R. C. Norton, Missouri; J. T. Parks, Indian Territory; J. K. Powers, Alabama; C. J. Prescott, New Jersey; G. J. Ramsey, Louisiana; Zalmon Richards, Washington; C. C. Rounds, New Hampshire; J. R. Russell, Montana; A. Salisbury, Wisconsin; J.C. Shattuck, Colorado; W. E. Sheldon, Massachusetts; Nora A. Smith, California; C. W. Super, Ohio; H. S. Tarbell, Rhode Island; W. R. Thigpen, Georgia; Henry A. Wise, Maryland; I. M. Wellington, Michigan.

Mr. Johnson, of Tennessee, moved that the report as read be approved, and the Secretary be authorized to cast the ballot of the Association.


The Secretary pro tem. cast the ballot as directed, and reported the unanimous election of the officers mentioned in the Report of Committee on Nominations.

The usual announcements were then made.

Professor Kirtland, of Toronto, was introduced, and extended an invitation from that city to the Association to hold its next meeting there.

A telegram was read from the citizens' committee of Stockton, California, extending remembrances and congratulations.

The General Secretary took his place at the Secretary's desk.

W. E. Sheldon moved that the President be asked to make suitable response.


Miss Mary E. Burt, of Illinois, then read a paper on: Literature for Children to the Front.

The response to the Stockton telegram was then read, followed by an invitation from the Nashville Commercial Club.

President Marble called Vice-President Garrett to the chair.

Miss Minnie C. Clark, of Kansas City, Mo., then read a paper on: Literature for High Schools.

The session then adjourned.


MORNING SESSION. The sixth regular session of the Association met in the Theater Vendome, on Friday morning, at nine o'clock; President Marble in the chair.

Prayer was offered by Bishop Keane, Rector of the Catholic University, Washington.

The report of the Committee on Honorary Members was presented by the chairman, Mr. Hancock, of Ohio, as follows:

Your Committee respectfully submits the following list of names to be added to the roll of Honorary Members of the National Educational Association:

His Excellency, Governor Robert L. Taylor; His Honor, C. R. McCarver, Mayor of Nashville; Hon. John M. Lea, President of the Historical Society of Tennessee; Hon. G. M. Fogg, President of the Nashville Board of Education; Col. A. S. Colyar; Dr. William Morrow; Mrs. ex-President James K. Polk.

The report was received and adopted.

The report of the Committee on Pedagogical Inquiry was read by the Secretary.

On motion of Mr. Hancock, the report was referred to the Board of Directors for their action.

A paper on Sound Blindness was then read by Miss Sarah E. Wiltse, of Michigan.

E. H. Russell, of Massachusetts, read a paper on: Observation and Experiment Essential in Pedagogical Inquiry.

The usual notices were given.

A paper was then read by Charles Foster Smith, of Tennessee, on: Honorary Degrees as Conferred by American Colleges.

The Secretary withdrawing, Mr. Shepard, of Minnesota, was appointed Secretary pro tem.

A paper was then read by Alex. Hogg, of Texas, on: The Problem of the Hour for Public Schools.

It was announced that Mr. Thigpen, of Georgia, had resigned as Director for that State.

William M. Slaton, of Atlanta, was then nominated to fill the vacancy.

The nomination was seconded, a vote was taken, and Mr. Slaton was declared a member of the Board.

The session then adjourned.


The seventh regular session of the Association opened at eight o'clock Friday evening, in the Theater Vendome; President Marble in the chair.

Prayer was offered by Rev. O. P. Fitzgerald, of Nashville.

The first part of the report of the Committee on Resolutions was read by the chairman, E. E. White, of Ohio.

W. E. Sheldon moved the adoption of the first two resolutions.
It was moved that the third be adopted.
It was then moved that the fourth be adopted.
Mr. Richards made a preliminary report for the Committee on Necrology.

A paper was read by A. S. Colyar, of Nashville, on: Education and the Republic.

H. B. Carrington, of Massachusetts, then gave a paper on: History a Patriotic Force in Schools.

By request, G. W. F. Price, of Nashville, spoke on: The Teaching of Patriotism in the Public Schools, and Everywhere.

Educational Progress in the South since 1865, was the subject of a paper read by W. A. Candler, of Georgia.

Mr. White then read the last part of the report of the Committee on Resolutions.

On motion of Mr. Marshall, of New Mexico, the resolutions as read were adopted by a rising vote.

President Marble then delivered a farewell address, and presented the gavel to President-elect Canfield.

The President made a brief response, after which the Doxology was sung, and the meeting dismissed with a benediction by Dr. Price. The Association then adjourned sine die.


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