Algebraical Problems Producing Simple and Quadratic Equations, with Their Solutions: Designed as an Introduction to the Higher Branches of Analytics. To which is Added an Appendix, Containing a Collection of Problems on the Nature and Solution of Equations of Higher Dimensions

Whittaker, 1849 - 461 sider

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Side 24 - In one of the given equations obtain the value of one of the unknown quantities in terms of the other unknown quantity; Substitute this value in the other equation and solve.
Side 148 - It is required to divide the number 99 into five such parts, that the first may exceed the second by 3, be less than the third by 10, greater than the fourth by 9, and less than the fifth by 16.
Side 207 - A vintner draws a certain quantity of wine out of a full vessel that holds 256 gallons ; and then filling the vessel with water, draws off the same quantity of liquor as before, and so on for four draughts, when there were only 81 gallons of pure wine left.
Side 2 - Any quantity may be transposed from one side of an equation to the other, if, at the same time, its sign, be changed.
Side 381 - A detachment of soldiers from a regiment being ordered to march on a particular service, each company furnished four times as many men as there were companies in the...
Side 250 - The sum of the squares of the extremes of four numbers in arithmetical progression is 200, and the sum of the squares of the means is 136. What are the numbers ? Ans.
Side 216 - Two partners A and B gained £18 by trade. A's money was in trade 12 months, and he received for his principal and gain £26. Also B's money, which was £30, was in trade 16 months.
Side 217 - There are two square buildings, that are paved with stones, a foot square each. The side of one building exceeds that of the other by 12 feet, and both their pavements taken together contain 2120 stones. What are the lengths of them separately 1 Ans.
Side 146 - A person employed 4 workmen, to the first of whom he gave 2 shillings more than to the second ; to the second 3 shillings more than to the third ; and to the third 4 shillings more than to the fourth. Their wages amounted to 32 shillings. What did each receive ? Ans.
Side 374 - A's 160, and B's 110. Prob. 39. At an election for two members of congress, three men offer themselves as candidates ; the number of voters for the two successful ones are in the ratio of 9 to 8 ; and if the first had had 7 more, his majority- over the second would have been to the majority of the second over the third as 12 : 7. Now if the first and third had formed a coalition, and had one more voter, they would each have succeeded by a majority of 7.

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