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TUESDAY, March 7th-Morning, 9.30 to 11.


Examiner-Rev. R. MORRIS, LL.D.

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1. Parse and analyse fully the words in the following passage :

My lord, you told me you would tell the rest,
When weeping made you break the story off

Of our two cousins coming into London." 2. Define grammatical Gender. What parts of speech have gender inflexions ? Give (i.) the feminine of nephew, abbot, wizard, marquis, sultan, fox, bachelor ; and (ii.) the masculine of slut, heroine, nun, songstress, widow.

3. Classify the nouns in the following passage:- “ The fleet was manned by sailors of all nations; Englishmen, Frenchmen, &c. lived together in peace and harmony. "

What nouns (i.) have no plural form ; (ii.) are generally used in the plural? 4. Classify the adjectives in the following passage :-“ Many good people devote all their energies to the good of others. They are always performing some noble self-sacrificing action for which they do not get much credit, nor do they look for any other reward than the quiet approbation of their own conscience.' Compare the adjectives in the above passage.

5. Define the term participle. Under what parts of speech might it be classed ? Write down the past tense and passive participle of the following verbs — do, may, sing, wit, be, shall, waft, fight, light, teach, reach, build, weld, hold, mould, ran, can.

6. What do you mean by the subject and predicate of a sentence ? Point out the subject in the following sentences : It is I; There is no thoroughfare here; Be quiet; How are the mighty fallen; Doing one's duty is not always easy; To be is to suffer.

7. Form nouns from the following words :-good, entertain, king, likely, broad, constant, charitable, tyrant. Give the negatives of charitable, sense, like, piety, cautious, honour; and the diminutives of hill, duck, lamb, stream, animal, part.

8. Write a short Essay (not more than a page and a half) on one of the following topics :-(i.) “ Manners make the man; (ii.) Spring; (ii.) The House of Commons; (iv.) The value of Shorthand; (v.) Punctuality.

First Olass.


(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


TUESDAY, March 7th-Morning, 11 to 1.

Examiner — T. KIMBER, M.A.


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1. Define magnitude and quantity, a prime and a composite number. Show how to resolve 66 and 10860 into their prime factors. Find the G. C. M. of 3375 and 5832; also the L. C. M. of 24, 32, 60, 231. 2. Simplify

45-73 +55 (i.)


4 of 61 of 215 173 +103-27

+ -11

105-14 3. Find the values of

(i.) 1.2345 +23.4567 — 345.6789+4567.8901;

(ii.) 2.001 .013 = .0023; (iii.) 3.3 x 4:15. 4. Extract the square root of .00852 to six places of decimals, and the cube root of 23887872.

5. Do the numbers 44, , 13, and 47: form a proportion? If not, find what the fourth number must be, so that a proportion may be formed.

6. What is the cost of 4565 cwts. at 16s. 8 d. per cwt. ?

7. An English mile is .2136 of a German mile. What time will a man who walks four English miles an hour take to walk a German mile ?

8. If 12 oxen be worth 29 sheep, 15 sheep be worth 25 hogs, 17 hogs be worth 3 loads of wheat, and 8 loads of wheat be worth 13 loads of barley; how many loads of barley must be given for 340 oxen ? 9. Divide £392. 10s. among three persons so that their shares

1 1 1 may be to each other in the ratio of

13' 23' 33 10. A., B., and C. contribute respectively to an undertaking £96, £175, and £284, and they gain £129. 10s.; how should this gain be divided between them ?

11. Find the Simple Interest and Amount of £450. 108. for seven years at 34 per cent.; and the True Discount on £2750, due two years bence, at 44 per cent.

12. At an entertainment there were 20 gentlemen, 30 ladies, and 15 children; for every 108. each gentleman paid, a lady paid 68., and a child 2s.; the bill amounted to £41. How much did each gentleman, lady, and child pay ?


(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


TUESDAY, March 7th-Morning, 11 to 1.

Examiner T. KIMBER, M.A.

How many


1. In numeration, bow many independent words do we employ? Express, in figures, Twelve millions twelve thousand and twelve ; and in words, both after the English and French methods, the following number: 35073641037.

2. A person bought 500 yards of cloth at 15s. 9d. a yard, and retailed it at 16s. 3d. a yard; what was his profit ? revolutions will a wheel, which is 4 yards in circumference, make in three miles ?

3 Find, by Practice, the value of 84 cwt. 3 qrs. 14 lbs. of sugar at £12. 11s. 8d. per cwt.

4. How many pounds of tea at 3s. 2 d. per lb. must be given in exchange for 35 gallons of wine at 12s. 5d. a gallon ?

5. A wall 1690 feet long must be built within 30 days, and seven men in 14 days have completed only 490 feet; how many additional men must be employed that the wall may be finished in the required time?

6. Find the G. C. M. of 4833 and 6237; and also the L. C. M. of 12, 16, 18, 28, 32, 40, 42. 7. Simplify- (i.) 55+ sof 3+:4; (ii.)

3} 을

44 44 23 8. Express as decimals 96 and 674; also find the values of 015 x 21 = .035 and


5–.0625 9. Find the square root and the reciprocal, each to five decimal places, of the number 97.

10. An agent sells goods to the value of £583. 108., on which be receives a commission of 33 per cent. ; how much does his commission amount to ?

11. Find the Simple Interest and Amount of £450. 10s. for seven years at 34 per cent.

12. The breadth of a room is twice its height and half its length, and the volume of air in the room is 4096 cubic feet. Find its length

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First Class.


(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


-MARCH, 1882.

TUESDAY, March 7thAfternoon, 2 to 3.30.

Examiner-J. P. BIDLAKE, B.A., F.C.P.

1. Explain the terms-great circle, ecliptic, inclination of the earth's axis, sonderbunds, selvas, monsoons, atoll, sargass.) sea, insular climate, and mean-time.

2. State, as exactly as you can, the position of Cape Passaro, Cape Hatteras, Straits of Sunda, Gulf of Sidra, Anticosti Is., Falkland Is., Algoa Bay, Sautpoora Mts., Mt. Demavend, and Salt Lake.

3. What rivers drain (i.) the northern slopes of Europe and Asia; (ii.) the eastern slopes of South America ; (iii.) the western slope of North America ? Give an account of any two of them.

4. Where are the following places, and for what is each noteworthy :-Hammerfest, Salonica, Patras, Idria, Kiachta, Trincomalee, Aspinwall, Belize, Port Otago, Honololu, Funchal, Khartoum, Chicago, Bercoolen, and Labuan?

5. Show, by a diagram, the position and boundaries of the Five Zones.

6. What are the Trade Winds, and how are they caused ? 7. How do you account for Spring Tides and Neap Tides ? There are two high tides in the open sea at intervals of about 12 hours 25 minutes; why is this?


(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


TUESDAY, March 7th-Afternoon, 2 to 3.30.

Examiner-J. P. BIDLAKE, B.A., F.C.P.

1. Where, and what, are the following—The Nore, Spithead, Chesil Beach, Doggerbank, Jahde, Great Belt, Bosphorus, Shat-el-Arab, Runn of Cutch, and Corea ?

2. Where are the following islands, what is the chief town of each, and to what European nation does each belong :-Shetland, Iceland, Sicily, Minorca, Malta, Corsica, Madeira, Cuba, Jamaica, and Java ?

3. Give, as exactly as you can, the position of Snowdon, Loch Lomond, Lakes of Killarney, Ben Nevis, Carnsore Point, Cape Farewell, Vancouver's Island, The Kyber Pass, Mozambique Channel, and Torres Straits.

4. Describe the course of the Severn and the Rhine; stating their principal tributaries, and naming three towns on the main stream and one on each tributary.

5. Where are the following places, and what are our chief imports from each :-Zante, Odessa, Archangel, Bordeaux, Bermuda, Honduras, Mauritius, Queensland, South Australia, and Newfoundland ?

6. Draw a map of France, indicating the chief rivers, mountain ranges, and sea-ports.

7. When it is noon at Calcutta (88° 28' E.), what o'clock is it at (i.) Constantinople (28° 58' E.); (ii.) at Chicago (87° 35' W.)?

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