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34. Quamobrem placŭit či, ut mitteret

Wherefore it pleased to him, that he should send legatos

ad Ariovistum, qui postularent ab ambassadors to Ariovistus, who should demand from eo,

deligěret aliquem locum medium him, he should choose

place middle utriusque colloquio;

velle agěre of each

for a conference ; himself to will to act (treat) cum čo de Republicâ et summis rebus with him about the Republic and the highest affairs utriusque.” Ariovistus respondit şi legationi : "Si of each." Ariovistus answered to that embassy :

If esset (imp. subj.) opus ipsi à any (thing) was

needful to himself from Cæsăre, fuisse venturum

ad eum ; Cæsar, himself to have been about-to-come to si ille vělit (pres. subj.) quid

se, he wills

any (thing) from

himself, oportere illum venire ad

se : præterea, to behove him to come to himself : besides, himself něque audere

venire sine exercitu in neither to dare to come without an army

into those partes Galliæ,


Cæsar possideret (imp. subj.); parts of Gaul, which Cesar něque posse contrahěre exercitum in

unum to be able to draw-together an army

into locum sine

magno commeatu atque molimento : place without great provision and trouble : autem videri mirum sībi, quid negotii

but to seem wonderful to himself, what of business esset aut Cæsări

omnino Romano might be either to Cæsar

at-all to the Roman popúlo, in sủâ Galliâ, quam

vicisset (pl. perf. people, in his Gaul, which he had conquered subj.) bello.



did possess ;



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} Rev. H. Adler, Ph.D., Jews' College, London.



Rev. A. B. Beaven, M.A., Pembroke College, Oxford.
Rev. R. H. A. Bradley, M.A., Merton College, Oxford.

R. F. Charles, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. HISTORY:-(Scripture His

J. C. Curtis, B.A., Principal of the Training College, tory, English History.)

Borough Road.
Rev. W. Curtis, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge.
Rev. C. Hawkins, B.C.L., Christ Church, Oxford.
D. Nasmith, LL.B., F.S.S., Barrister-at-Law.
Rev. H. C. Turner, M.A., Magdalene Coll., Camb.
Rev. J. T. Bell, M.A., late Fellow of St. Catharine's

College, Cambridge.
F. Cuthbertson, M.A., LL.D., late Fellow of Corpus

Christi College, Cambridge.
MATHEMATICS & NATURAL Rev. G. Frost, LL.D., St. John's College, Cambridge.

PHILOSOPHY :-(Statics, T. Kimber, M.A. Lond.
Dynamics, Hydrostatics, C. Leudesdorf, M.A., Fellow of Pembroke Coll., Oxford.
Elementary Astronomy, Philip Magnus, B.A., B.Sc. Lond.

W.J. Reynolds, M.A., Queen's College, Cambridge.
Rev. R. O. T. Thorpe, M.A., late Fellow of Christ's

College, Cambridge.
R. Tucker, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge.

R. Wormell, D.Sc., M.A., City Middle Class Schools, E.C. EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS :

Prof. E. Atkinson, Ph.D., F.C.S., Staff Coll., Sandhurst. (Acoustics, Light, Heat,

W. F. Barrett, Royal College of Science, Dublin.

Professor G. C. Foster, F.R.S., Univ. Coll., London. Magnetism, and Electricity.)....

Professor 0.J.Lodge, D.Sc. Lond., Univ. Coll., Liverpool.
B. Loewy, F.R.A.S., International College, Isleworth.
F. Barff, M.A., F.C.S.

Professor C. Graham, D.Sc. Lond., Univ. Coll., London. CHEMISTRY

Professor W. N. Hartley, F.C.S., Royal College of

Science, Dublin.
W. B. Kemshead, Ph.D., Dulwich College.

Professor W: H. Allchin, M.B., Westminster Hospital. NATURAL HISTORY :

Rev. G. Henslow, M.A., Christ's College, Cambridge. (Geology, Mineralogy,

Professor T. Rupert Jones, F.R.S., late Examiner in the Physiology, Zoology,and

University of London. Botany.)

J. F. Payne, M.D., Fellow of Magdalen College, late

Public Examiner in the University of Oxford.
N. Tirard, M.D., King's College, London.

S J. Bell, M.A., LL.D., Trin. Coll., Dublin.

Rev. J. Hunter, M.A., late V.P. Battersea Training Coll. LC. F. King, B.A. Lond., Univ. Coll. School, London. ( Professor Leone Levi, LL.D., King's College, London,


Bonamy Price, M.A., Professor of Political Economy

in the University of Oxford.

G. M. Atkinson, Department of Art, S. Kensington. DRAWING

H. B. Hagreen, Department of Art, S. Kensington, | Professor P. H. De la Motte, King's College, London.

H. T. Leftwich, M.R.A.M.

E. H. Turpin, London College of Organists.
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J. J. Beuzemaker, B.A. Lond.
Mrs. Bryant, D.Sc. Lond., F.C.P.
F. Howard.
Rev. J. T. Watson, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge.
J. Wilson, M.A., Trinity College, Dublin.

PUPILS' EXAMINATIONS. The Examinations of Pupils are held twice in each year, early in June and De. cember. The Higher Certificates of the College are recognised by Her Majesty's Judges and by the General Medical Council as guarantees of good general educa. tion;

and consequently the holders of them who may be intended for the legal and medical professions, are exempted from the necessity of submitting to the preliminary literary examinations held by the Incorporated Law Society, and by the various Me. dical Corporations of the United Kingdom. All the College Certificates above the Third are also recognised by the Royal Veterinary College and Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

The Certificates awarded on the results of these Examinations are of three Classes: 1. First Class. Obligatory Subjects -- English Language, English History, Geo

graphy, Arithmetic, Algebra, Euclid, a Modern Foreign Language, and Latin. [In the case of Girl Candidates, Algebra, Euclid, and Latin may be replaced by three other subjects selected from the list of optional sub

jects given in the Regulations.) 2. SECOND Class. Obligatory Subjects—English Grammar, English History, Geo

graphy, Arithmetic, Algebra or Euclid, and a Foreign Language. [Girls

may substitute another subject for Algebra or Euclid.] 3. THIRD CLASs. Obligatory Subjects — English Grammar, English History, Geo

graphy, and Arithmetic.
There is no restriction as to age for either of the three classes.
Examination Fee: 108. each Candidate (not including Local Fee).

A complete schedule of the marks obtained by the pupils in each subject of Examination is forwarded to principals. The Class List of successful Candidates is published in the Educational Times. The papers set at the above Examinations may be had of the publisher, Francis

Hodgson, 89 Farringdon Street, E.C., price 6d. each Set.


Examinations in the subjects of the Preliminary Literary Examinations required by the General Medical Council and other bodies by whom the College Certificates are recognised, are held in March and September in each year.

These Examinations are for Certificates of the First and Second Classes only.
Examination Fee, 258.

DIPLOMA EXAMINATIONS. The Examinations of Teachers for the College Diplomas are held in the first week in January and first week in July.

The Diplomas are of three grades— Associate, Licentiate, and Fellow.
The Theory and Practice of Education is an obligatory subject for each grade.
Fee: One Guinea.
Candidates are not required to pass in all subjects at one examination.

The Papers set at the Examinations for Diplomas are printed in the COLLEGE CALENDAR, which also contains the papers set at the Pupils' Examinations during the year. Published by Francis Hodgson, 89 Farringdon Street, E.C. Price 28. 6d.

The Regulations respecting either of the above Examinations may be obtained on application to the Secretary, College of Preceptors, Queen Square, W.C.

MEMBERSHIP. All persons engaged in Education, who have passed an Examination satisfactory to the Council, are admissible as Members of the College.

Persons who have not passed one of the required Examinations (as specified in the Regulations) may qualify themselves for Membership by passing the Associateship Examination in all obligatory subjects excepting the Theory and Practice of Education.

The Annual Subscription is One Guinea.

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