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(Incorporated by Royal Charter.)


- MARCH, 1882.

TUESDAY, March 7th-Morning, 9.30 to 11.


Examiner-Rev. R. MORRIS, LL.D.

1. Analyse the following passage, and parse the italicised words :

Hadst thou groan'd for him

As I have done, thou wouldst be more pitiful,

But now I know thy mind.” 2. Write down the past tense and passive participle of the following verbs, and explain any noteworthy irregularity in their formation :-heave, cleave, can, seethe, shall, go, feed, rive, set, sit, hew, swing, dig.

3. Give instances of reduplicated verbs in English, in present and former use. What particular verb of this class has entered into the formation of the past tense of verbs ?

4. Illustrate, by examples, the meaning and use of the following prefixes and suffixes, and state from what sources they are derived :-(i.) a-, gain-, dis-, sur-, dia-; (ii.) -less, -ship, -long, -ment, -et, -ple, -isk.

5. Explain fully the formation of the following forms :-rather, next, other, most, former, either, first, himself, ourselves, naught, such.

6. Explain or correct the following passages, giving your reasons in each instance :- (i.) “ Woe is me! Methinks the story's true.” (ii.) “ Everything is left in six and seven.” (iii.) “ Little joy have I to breathe this news.” (iv.) “ Read o'er this paper while the glass doth come (v.) “ I will be killed, and nobody shall save me. (vi.) “ With much ado at length we've gotten leave.” (vii.) “ The council have chosen their president.” (viii.)

“ Each shall have their turn.' (ix.) “ Tell me whom he is.” (x.) “ To speak plain he utter'd a falsehood.” (xi.) “Neither John or James were there."

7. State what you know of the literary life of Addison.

8. What was the state of literary activity during the reign of Queen Anne ?

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