Polybiblion: Revue bibliographique universelle, Volume 81

Henri Stein
Aux bureaux de la revue, 1897

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Pagina 9 - States, and a summary of the Copyright laws at present in force in the chief countries of the world ; together with a report of the legislation now pending in Great Britain, a sketch of the contest in the United States...
Pagina 8 - American Criminal Reports . A series designed to contain the latest and most important criminal cases determined in the federal and state courts in the United States, as well as selected cases.
Pagina 15 - THE METALLURGY OF SILVER. A Practical Treatise on the Amalgamation, Roasting, and Lixiviation of Silver Ores. Including the Assaying, Melting, and Refining of Silver Bullion. By M. EISSLER, Author of "The Metallurgy of Gold,
Pagina 6 - January 1, 1885, embracing the revision of 1874, and all general statutes enacted since such revision, so far as in force, with digested notes of decisions construing or illustrating their provisions, by the courts of Illinois and of the United States, and historical notes comparing the present statutes with previous legislation, edited by MERRITT STARR and RUSSEL H.
Pagina 133 - Cartes des bassins houillère de la France, de la Grande-Bretagne, de la Belgique et de l'Allemagne, accompagnées d'une description technique générale et de renseignements statistiques et commerciaux, par E. GRÜNER, ingénieur civil des mines. 1 volume in-4" avec 39 planches imprimées en couleur 40 fr.
Pagina 267 - Maiolica. A historical Treatise on the glazed and enamelled Earthenwares of Italy, with Marks and Monograms; also some notice of the Persian, Damascus, Rhodian, and HispanoMoresque Wares,
Pagina 11 - In this speech he advocated the free coinage of silver at the ratio of sixteen to one...
Pagina 439 - Year-Book of the Scientific and Learned Societies of Great Britain and Ireland...
Pagina 328 - Convention Internationale du 14 Octobre, 1890, sur le Transport de Marchandises par Chemins de Fer.
Pagina 237 - Geliot. apprenant et expliquant sommairement les mots et figures dont on se sert au Blason des Armoiries et l'origine d'icelles.

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