God's Puppets

Macmillan, 1916 - 309 sider

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Side 151 - ... line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little.
Side 23 - Now is the time for all good men and true to come to the aid of the party.
Side 183 - ... for a day or a week or a month or a year; but from antiquity to posterity fcr many ages." the slaughter, "there were more young men in the country.
Side 246 - The congressman was a pudgy, soft-handed, short-legged, thin-haired, pink-browed, clabberjowled congressman, all swathed about as to his pod-like torso in a white vest, draped in a black frock coat. His name was Joel Ladgett. Joel Ladgett was the famous author of the Ladgett Bill. He sat rolling a dead cigar from one side of his loose, coarse mouth to the other, displaying a set of big, uneven teeth, badly battered by time. His jaw was coming unscrewed and was wabbling — almost visibly.
Side 293 - ... boys. There was talk of a day's walk in the country; of a raft to be made at the river under the scoutmaster's direction; of fishing tackle to be had at the town's stores; where the best rods might be bought; what minnows were worth. Some consideration was given to the various grades of khaki 292 for scouting suits.
Side 293 - ... he had dammed, let the hand with the book drop to his knee as the talk woke in his heart a faint pulse from some underconsciousness that had not been stirred for years. The boys were lying on a lawn beneath the stone veranda railing whereon his old feet rested. From time to time the youngsters...
Side 209 - ... sordid choice in life's great decision between the ways of life was due to the age and its environing shams — for it was a material age and in it youth had few visions.
Side 229 - It is hard to say whether or not this madness is more grotesque than the puppy love of early youth. Perhaps because age is supposed to be more circumspect than youth the capers of the old man and the young woman — for always he is enamoured of youth — are more fantastic than those of the young.
Side 209 - The age had planted its shams; its false valuations; its meaningless architecture, its fortunes founded on fraud; its lies and cheats in religion, and its mawkish sentiment in art. The...

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