The Word of the Lord Endures Forever: none

AuthorHouse, 12. jun. 2007 - 376 sider
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I have not come across another book like this which deals solely with the subject matter. The stated purpose of this book is to take the English version of the Jewish Publication Society's Tanakh's book of Isaiah and show the correlation between it and a King James Bible's New Testament, specifically showing how it points to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and other like subjects which are the basis of the Christian's beliefs.

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Om forfatteren (2007)

He has been an avid reader scince early childhood.  He has spent many hours mesmorized by the written word; devouring tales of fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, works from the pens of the great ones, minor works, obscure works, epics; autobiographies, etc., until it was finally birthed within him to take up the pen himself.

This is actually his first of many books the author hopes to publish.

There is so much power in the written word, that the author hope you will take this journey with him and share his passion.

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