TABLE I.-Reorganizations by Congress by law or special reorganization authorities granted by Congress by law (1945-56)

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Public Law 4 (59 Stat. 5)

Continuance as an independent establishment (same in effect as creation of agency). Transfer of Federal Loan Agency.

functions from Department of Commerce and Secretary of Commerce to Federal Loan Agency. Department of Commerce.

Public Law 48 (59 Stat. 102)

Establishment of Board of Foreign Service Personnel (coordination measure). Membership Department of State.

of Board: Not more than 3 Assistant Secretaries of State; an officer of the Department of Department of Commerce.
Commerce; an officer of the Department of Agriculture.

Department of Agriculture.

Public Law 61 (59 Stat. 169)

Authorization for delegation of certain functions by Secretary of Commerce to certain sub- Department of Commerce.

ordinate officials of the Department of Commerce: Coast and Geodetic Survey; Weather
Bureau; Civil Aeronautics Administration (for fiscal year 1946).

Public Law 109 (59 Stat. 310).

Transfer to Reconstruction Finance Corporation of all functions, powers, duties, authorities, Reconstruction Finance Corporation

etc., of Defense Plant Corporation, Metals Reserve Company, Rubber Reserve Company, and (and corporations dissolved as indiDefense Supplies Corporation. Dissolution of above-named corporations (not including the cated). Reconstruction Finance Corporation).

Public Law 123 (59 Stat. 318)

Department of the Interior.

Authorization for delegation of certain functions by the Secretary of the Interior to the Under

Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries (for fiscal year 1946).!

Public Law 124 (59 Stat. 361)

Authorization for delegation of powers vested by act by Commissioner of Education to any officer

in the Office of Education.!

Federal Security Agency.
Office of Education.

Public Law 156 (59 Stat. 473)

Termination of functions of Committee on Fair Employment Practices. Authority to delegate Executive Office of the President.

functions relating to administrative management by head of any constituent agency in Office

for Emergency Management to any official in respective agency. Public Law 161 (59 Stat, 503)

Authority for United States Employees Compensation Commission to delegate functions to United States Employees Compensa-
any officer, agency, or employee of the United States.

tion Commission (now Bureau of
Employees Compensation, Depart-

ment of Labor).
See footnote at end of table, p. 14.

Table I.Reorganizations by Congress by law or special reorganization authorities granted by Congress by law (1945-56)—Continued

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Abolishment of Surplus Property Board. Transfer of Board's functions to Surplus Property Surplus Property Board (creation of
Administration. Creation of Surplus Property Administration.

Surplus Property Administration in
Office of War Mobilization and

Authority for Secretary of Treasury to delegate functions vested by act to any individual in Department of the Treasury.

Treasury Department, head of any Government department or agency, or of any Federal Federal Reserve banks.
Reserve bank; and authority for delegatee to redelegate.

All Federal agencies.
Authority for Secretary of the Treasury to delegate functions vested in him by act to any officer or Secretary of the Treasury.

employee of any Federal agency, with the concurrence of head of agency concerned.

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Reorganization of Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy Department; specification of functions Navy Department.

of the Dental Division in Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.

Public Law 293 (59 Stat. 675).

Abolition of medical service in Veterans' Administration. Creation in its place of Department | Veterans' Administration.

of Medicine and Surgery under a Chief Medical Director. Creation of Office of Chief Medical Director and positions of Chief Medical Director, Deputy Medical Director and others. Creation of various services within the Department of Medicine and Surgery.

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Authority for American Battle Monuments Commission to delegate to Chairman, Secretary, American Battle Monuments Com. or any of its officials such of its authority as it deems necessary and proper.!

mission. Office of Assistant Secretary of Labor abolished; Office of Second Assistant Secretary of Labor Department of Labor.

abolished; Office of Under Secretary of Labor established; 3 Offices of Assistant Secretary of

Labor established.
Transfer of all functions of Secretary of the Interior and of the Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior.

Department of the Interior relating to production or distribution of domestically raised fur. Department of Agriculture.

bearing animals to the Secretary of Agriculture.
Transfer to the Housing Expediter of all functions in connection with veterans' housing vested Office of War Mobilization and Re-

in Offce of War Mobilization and Reconversion or its Director by the War Mobilization and conversion.

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Reconversion Act of 1944. Authority for Housing Expeditor to exercise his powers through any department or agency.1

Omce of Housing Expediter. All Federal ngencies.

Public Law 460 (60 Stat. 320)

Transfers functions with regard to specified institutions from District of Columbia Board of

Public Welfare to District of Columbia Commissioners and Director, District of Columbia Department of Corrections; creates District of Columbia Department of Corrections and Di. rector thereof.

Government of the District of Colum


Public Law 490 (60 Stat. 446)

Authority for Secretary of State to delegate to subordinate omaals authority vested in him by Department of State.

Revised Statute 291 portaining to certification of expenditures.'

Public Law 519 (60 Stat. 586)

Consolidation by Administrator of National Housing Agency of administrative functions in his

agency authorized with the approval of the President.

National Housing Agency.

Public Law 581 (60 Stat. 754)

Transfer to Secretary of State of surplus property disposal functions abroad from Surplus Prop- | Department of State. erty Administrator.

Surplus Property Administration.

Public Law 588 (60 Stat. 779)

Coordination (and for other purposes); creates the Office of Naval Research in the Office of the

Secretary of the Navy; also creates the positions of Chief and Assistant Chief of Naval Research.

Navy Department.

Authorizes Secretary of Navy to transfer to Office of Naval Research research and development

Public Law 521 (60 Stat. 600)

War Assets Administration.

Authorizes delegation by Administrator of War Assets Administration to subordinate officials of

personnel and administrative management function.!

Public Law 572 (60 Stat. 722).

Railroad Retirement Board.

Transfer to Railroad Retirement Board of all functions (with certain exceptions) vested in any

office or employee of United States relating to specified aspects of the administration of railroad unemployment insurance.

functions assigned to various bureaus, agencies, and offices of the Navy Department.

Public Law 600 (60 Stat. 806)

Authority for heads of all departments to delegate to subordinates personnel and certain pro

curement functions.!

All Departments.

Public Law 687 (60 Stat. 939)

Authority for Secretary of the Interior to delegate functions relating to Indian Affairs to Com. Department of the Interior. missioner of Indian Affairs; and authority for Commissioner to redelegate.!

Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Public Law 731 (60 Stat. 1062)

Abolition of the following agencies and their powers: Farm Security Administration; certain Department of Agriculture.

powers of the Governor of the Farm Credit Administration certain functions of the National National Housing Agency.

Housing Agency.
See footnote at end of table, p. 14.

Table 1.Reorganizations by Congress by law or special reorganization authorities granted by Congress by law (1945–56)--Continued

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Public Law 731 (60 Stat. 1062)

Provides for appointment of Administrator of Farmers' Home Administration by President, by

and with advice and consent of the Senate. Provides for liquidation of regional offices; authorizes administration through State and local offices.

Public Law 733 (60 Stat. 1082)

Transfer, consolidation, grouping or coordinating of any or all marketing, transportation, storage, Department of Agriculture.

processing and distribution functions in Department of Agriculture authorized to be accom. plished by Secretary of Agriculture, notwithstanding any other provision of law.

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Creation of Office of Selective Service Records and position of Director of said office to liquidate Selective Service System.

Selective Service System.
Transfer of functions of Personnel Division, national headquarters, Selective Service System, to Secretary of Labor.

the Secretary of Labor.

Public Law 30 (61 Stat. 35).

Transfer of certain functions of the President to the Secretary of Agriculture

President. Secretary of Agriculture.

Public Law 101 (61 Stat. 136).

Reorganization of National Labor Relations Board by vesting certain functions formerly in the National Labor Relations Board.
Board in the new position of General Counsel.

Department of Labor.
Transfer of all mediation and conciliation functions of the Secretary of Labor under 29 U. S. C. 51 Federal Mediation and Conciliation

and all functions of the United States Conciliation Service to the newly created Federal Media- Service.
tion and Conciliation Service.

Creation of an independent agency to be known as the Federal Mediation and Conciliation

Service; provides for the appointment of the Director of the new service.

Public Law 132 (61 Stat. 202)

Transfer of assets of Reconstruction Finance Corporation Mortgage Company to the Recon- Reconstruction Finance Corporation struction Finance Corporation.

and Reconstruction Finance Corporation Mortgage Company.

Abolition of Federal Loan Agency and transfer of its property and records to the Reconstruction Federal Loan Agency.

Finance Corporation.
Creation of District of Columbia Board of Parole and transfer to it of powers of Board of Inde Government of the District of Colum-
terminate Sentence and Parole.


Public Law 198 (61 Stat. 378)

Abolition of Unitod Statos Board on Geographical Names in Departmont of the Interior and Departmont of the Intorlor.

Public Law 253 (61 Stat. 405)

Establishment of National Security Council (coordination measure in part); establishment of

Central Intelligence Agency and transfer to it of personnel, property and records of Central Intelligence Group which is abolished; establishinent of National Security Resources Board (coordination measure in part).

Establishment of National Military establishment consisting primarily of Departments of the

Army, Navy, and the Air Force.

National Military Establishment. Secretary of Defense.

Establishment of Department of the Air Force and transfer to it of certain functions of the Department of the Air Force. Secretary of the Army and the Department of the Army.

Department of the Army.

Establishment of the Joint Chlefs of Staff consisting of existing offices and newly created office

Termination of Joint Army and Navy Munitions Board and establishment of Munitions Board.

Termination of Joint Research and Development Board and establishment of Research and

Development Board. (In the case of each of the four last-named boards, transfer of records and personnel from terminated board to newly established board.)

Public Law 268 (61 Stat. 574)

Liquidation of Tennessee Valley Associated Cooperatives, Inc., by Secretary of the Treasury

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Public Law 337 (61 Stat. 734)

Abolition of Army Pharmacy Corps and Army Medical Administrative Corps and transfer of

personnel to newly established Medical Service Corps in Medical Department of the Army.

Department of the Army.

Establishment of Medical Service Corps in the Medical Department of the United States Navy Department of the Navy.

Public Law 362 (61 Stat. 770).

Establishment of position of Coordinator of Federal Agencies in Puerto Rico.


Federal civilian agencies in


Publio Law 242 (61 Stat. 156).

transfer of its functions to the Board on Goographic Names; creation of Board on Geographic Names.


Creation of position of Secretary of Defense.

Establishment of the United States Air Force and transfer to it of certain functions.

of Chief of Staff, United States Air Force.

Liquidation of Prencinradio, Inc., by Secretary of State.

to consist of specified and additionally authorized sections.

8e footnote at end of table p. 14.

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