Suggested by a view of the Seat and Ruins of a deceased noble

man, at Kingsgate, Kent, in 1766. (The house was built as a correct imitation of Cicero's Formian Villa, at Baiæ.)

OLD, and abandon’d by each venal friend,

Here Holland form’d the pious resolution To smuggle a few years, and strive to mend

A broken character and constitution. On this congenial spot he fix'd his choice;

Earl Goodwin trembled for his neighbouring sand; Here sea-gulls scream, and cormorants rejoice,

And mariners, though shipwreck’d, dread to land. Here reign the blustering North and blighting East,

No tree is heard to whisper, bird to sing ; Yet Nature could not furnish out the feast,

Art he invokes new horrors still to bring. Here mouldering fanes and battlements arise,

Turrets and arches nodding to their fall, Unpeopled monast'ries delude our eyes,

And mimic desolation covers all. “ Ah!” said the sighing peer, “had Bute been true,

Nor M—'s, R-'s, B—'s friendship vain,
Far better scenes than these had bless'd our view,

And realiz'd the beauties which we feign:
Purg'd by the sword, and purified by fire,

Then had we seen proud London's hated walls; Owls would have hooted in St. Peter's choir,

And foxes stunk and litter'd in St. Paul's."




This tart lampoon was written a short time previous to the

election of a high-steward of the University of Cambridge, for which office the noble lord alluded' to made an active


When sly Jemmy Twitcher had smugg'd up his face,
With a lick of court white-wash, and pious grimace,
A wooing he went, where three sisters of old
In harmless society guttle and scold.

Lord! sister,” says Physic to Law, “ I declare, Such a sheep-biting look, such a pick-pocket air ! Not I for the Indies :—You know I'm no prude, But his name is a shame, and his eyes are so lewd! Then he shambles and straddles so oddly-I fearNo-at our time of life 'twould be silly, my dear."

“I don't know,” says Law,“ but methinks for his


"Tis just like the picture in Rochester's book;
Then his character, Phyzzy,-his morals,—bis life-
When she died, I can't tell, but he once had a wife.
They say he's no Christian, loves, di inking and


And all the town rings of his swearing and roaring !

His lying and filching, and Newgate-bird tricks; Not I-for a coronet, chariot and six.”

Divinity heard, between waking and dozing, Her sisters denying, and Jemmy proposing : From table she rose, and with bumper in hand, She stroked up her belly, and stroked down her

band “What a pother is here about wenching and roaring! Why, David lov'd catches, and Solomon w-g: Did not Israel blch from th’Egyptians of old Their jewels of silver and jewels of gold? The prophet of Bethel, we read, told a lie: He drinks—so did Noah ;-he swears—so do I: To reject him for such peccadillos, were odd; Besides, he repents—for he talks about G**

[To Jemmy] Never hang down your head, you poor penitent elf, Come buss me-I'll be Mrs. Twitcher myself.”





Printed in the Cambridge Collection, 1736.

IGNARÆ nostrûm mentes, et inertia corda,
Dum curas regum, et sortem miseramur iniquam,
Quæ solio affixit, vetuitque calescere flammâ
Dulci, quæ dono divům, gratissima serpit
Viscera per, mollesque animis lene implicat æstus;
Nec teneros sensus, Veneris nec præmia nôrunt,
Eloquiumve oculi, aut facunda silentia linguæ :

Scilicet ignorant lacrymas, sævosque dolores, Dura rudimenta, et violentæ exordia flammæ; Scilicet ignorant, quæ flumine tinxit amaro Tela Venus, cæcique armamentaria Divi, Irasque, insidiasque, et tacitum sub pectore vulnus;

Namque sub ingressu, primoque in limine Amoris
Luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curæ;
Intus habent dulces Risus, et Gratia sedem,
Et roseis resupina toris, roseo ore Voluptas:
Regibus huc faciles aditus; communia spernunt
Ostia, jamque expers duris custodibus istis
Panditur accessus, penetraliaque intima Templi.

Tuque Oh! Angliacis, Princeps, spes optima

regnis, Ne tantum, ne finge metum : quid imagine captus Hæres, et mentem pictura pascis inani? Umbram miraris: nec longum tempus, et ipsa Ibit in amplexus, thalamosque ornabit ovantes. Ille tamen tabulis inbians longum haurit amorem, Affatu fruitur tacito, auscultatque tacentem Immemor artificis calami, risumque, ruboremque Aspicit in fucis, pictæque in virgidis ore: Tanta Venus potuit; tantus tenet error amantes.

Nascere, magna Dies, qua sese AUGUSTA Britanno Committat Pelago, patriamque relinquat amanam; Cujus in adventum jam nunc tria regna secundos Attolli in plausus, dulcique accensa furore Incipiunt agitare modos, et carmina dicunt: Ipse animo sedenim juvenis comitatur euntem Explorat ventos, atque auribus aëra captat, Atque auras, atque astra vocat crudelia; pectus Intentum exultat, surgitque arrecta cupido; Incusat spes ægra fretum, solitoque videtur Latior effundi pontus, fluctusque morantes.

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