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The forty-sixth consecutive annual meeting, making the fifty-second annual meeting, of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, convened in the Battle House, at Mobile, at 9:30 A. M., April 15, 1919, the Vice-President, Dr. W. F. Betts, of Evergreen, in the chair.

Dr. W. F. Betts: On account of the illness of Dr. Watkins it becomes my duty as Vice-President to preside in his plac2. I hereby declare the fifty-second annual convention of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama to be now in session. Dr. F. H. Gardner will lead in prayer.

Invocation by Dr. F. H. Gardner.

The Chairman: Mobile has long been noted for its hospitality and among the first of its citizens is a man large in experience and soul and body-Dr. Harry T. Inge.

Dr. Inge:

Mr. President, Gentlemen : The stereotyped performance of extending a welcome to the Medical Association of the State of Alabama is ambiguous. This is a part of the State of Alabama. It is as much your home as mine. It now has challenged the position that it has been justly entitled to for the past fifty years, and you will see a new Mobile with spars of many vessels and ships built in our shipyards, quite like foreigners, in the Mobile river. More than any other city, comparatively speaking, has Mobile "delivered the goods." We have built the best ships, the most up-to-date ships, and ships that have been delivered on contract time. (Applause.) When

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