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ESUS my all to heaven has gone,

He whom I fix my hopes upon;
His track I see, and I'll pursue
The narrow way till him I view.

2 The way the holy prophets went,

The road that leads from banishment,
The King's high way of holiness,
I'll go, for all his paths are peace.

3 This is the way I long have sought,

And mourned because I found it not;
My grief a burden long had been,
Because I was not saved from sin.

4 The more I strove against its power,

I felt its weight and guilt the more,
Till late I heard my Savior say,
“Come hither, soul, I am the way!

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5 Lo, glad I come, and thou, blest Lamb,

Shalt take me to thee, as I am:
Nothing but sin have I to give,
Nothing but love shall I receive.

6 Now will I tell to sinners round,

What a dear Savior I have found;
I'll point to thy redeeming blood,
And say, behold the way to God!



C. M.
HE rains descended, and the floods

My soul's foundations tried;
While one by one each cherished hope,

Like waning rush-lights died.
And lone and desolate, I heard

The elemental din;
Yet light amid the darkness broke-

A sun-beam shone within.

2 Out on the crested wave I rode,

When the great sea arose,
And challenged with its thunder-cry

The stormy winds as foes.
Then barks were wreck’d, and men went

Beneath the billowy brine;
But in that tempest of despair,

The sun-beam still was mine.

3 The trust in God, I'll hold it fast,

In peril and in pain,
Until that glorious Sun arise,

Which ne'er shall set again.
O when by death's dim phantom led,

I tread the shadowy vale,
Still shall this perfect peace be mine,

Though flesh and heart should fail. 5

P. M. How precious is the name, brethren sing, brethren How precious is the name, brethren sing,

How precious is the name of Christ our Paschal Lamb, Who bore our sin and shame, on the tree, on the tree.

2 I've given all for Christ, he's my all, he's my all,

I've given all for Christ, he's my all ;
I've given all for Christ, and my spirit cannot rest,
Unless he's in my breast, reigning there, reigning


3 His easy yoke I'll bear, with delight, with delight,

His easy yoke I'll bear, with delight;
His easy yoke I'll bear, and his cross I will not fear,
His name I will declare evermore, evermore.

4 I feel the love of God in my soul, in my soul,

I feel the love of God in my soul;
I feel the love of God, in my heart 'tis shed abroad,
And I will serre my God here below, here below.

6 I

P. M.
KNEW I was a sinner, the call it was loud
To repent of my sins, and give up to the Lord;
But O! what distress my soul then was in,
While I was a seeker and yet in my sin!

2 For mercy, for mercy, aloud I did call,

But I could not find mercy till I gave up my all;
And I gave up my all, and the burden did go,
And 0? what a love in my heart then did flow.

3 What a bright glowing light in my heart then did

I wonder'd, I wonder'd the Lord was so kind
As to open mine eyes, and give me to see
What a merciful Savior had suffered for me.

4 What joy and what glory then thrilled through my


Which made me quite willing with sinners to party
And I knew I was willing to let my name go ;
Ind join with the saints in this union below.

5 Come all you poor mourners who feel your distress,

Come, come unto Jesus, and you shall find rest;
The door of salvation is open and free,
Come in now this moment and happy you'll be.

6 There's joy with the angels, there's joy with the

saints, When the news reaches heaven that a sinner re

pents. Accept of salvation, no longer delay, For the voice of Free Grace cries to-day and to-day,

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THIS book is all that's left me now!

Tears will unbidden start;
With falt'ring lip and throbbing brow,

I press it to my heart;
For many generations passed,

Here is our family tree;
My mother's hands this Bible clasped-

She, dying, gave it me.

2 Ah! well do I remember those

Whose names these records bear;
Who round the hearth-stone used to close,

After the evening prayer;
And speak of what these pages said,

In tones my heart would thrill!
Tho' they are with the silent dead,

Here are they living still.

3 My father read this holy book

To brothers, sisters dear-
How calm was my poor mother's look,

Who loved God's word to hear.

Her angel face-I see it yet!

What thronging memories come!
Again that little group is met,

Within the walls of home.

4 Thou truest friend man ever knew,

Thy constancy I've tried ;
When all were false I've found thee true,

My counsellor and guide.
The mines of earth no treasure give,

That could this volume buy-
In teaching me the way to live,

It learnt me how to die.


'M a pilgrim, and I'm a stranger,
I can tarry, I can tarry

but a night.
Do not detain me, for I am going
To where the streamlets are ever flowing.

2 There the sunbeams are ever shining,
I am longing, I am longing for the sight;

Within a country unknown and dreary,
I have been wandering forlorn and weary.

3 Of that country to which I'm going, My Redeemer, my Redeemer is the light;

There is no sorrow, or any sighing,

Or any sinning, or any dying. 9

P. M.
AW ye my Savior! Saw ye my Savior!

Saw ye ny Savior, the Lord !

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