The Manitoba Reports, Volum 23

Law Society of Manitoba., 1914
Containing reports of cases decided in the Court of the King's Bench and Court of Appeal for Manitoba.

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Side 742 - ... [subject to all equities which would have been entitled to priority over the right of the assignee if this Act had not passed], to pass and transfer the legal right to such debt or chose in action from the date of such notice, and all legal and other remedies for the same, and the power to give a good discharge for the same without the concurrence of the assignor...
Side 577 - Where any such person as in the last preceding rule mentioned is not a party to the action, he shall be summoned to appear by being served with a copy of the defence...
Side 90 - Any injunction is sought as to anything to be done within the jurisdiction, or any nuisance within the jurisdiction is sought to be prevented or removed, whether damages are or are not also sought in respect thereof; or (g) Any person out of the jurisdiction is a necessary or proper party to an action properly brought against some other person duly served within the jurisdiction.
Side 18 - But it is in this sense, and in this sense only, as I conceive, that the question of unreasonableness can properly be regarded. A by-law is not unreasonable merely because particular judges may think that it goes further than is prudent or necessary or convenient, or because it is not accompanied by a qualification or an exception which some judges may think ought to be there.
Side 816 - Such costs shall be taxed, and such discontinuance or withdrawal, as the case may be, shall not be a defence to any subsequent action. Save as in this rule otherwise provided, it shall not be competent for the plaintiff to withdraw the record or discontinue the action without leave of the court or a judge, but the court or a judge may, before, or at, or after the hearing or trial, upon such terms as to...
Side 429 - We may now take for granted that the dealings with these companies are not like dealings with other partnerships, and that the parties dealing with them are bound to read the statute and the deed of settlement. But they are not bound to do more. "And the party here, on reading the deed of settlement, would find, not a prohibition from borrowing, but a permission to do so on certain conditions.
Side 75 - The judge has a certain duty to discharge, and the jurors have another and a different duty. The judge has to say whether any facts have been established by evidence from, which negligence may be reasonably inferred ; the jurors have to say whether, from those facts, when submitted to them, negligence ought to be inferred.
Side 22 - ... by a qualification or an exception which some judges may think ought to be there. Surely it is not too much to say that in matters which directly and mainly concern the people of the county, who have the right to choose those whom they think best fitted to represent them in their local government bodies, such representatives may be trusted to understand their own requirements better than judges.
Side 897 - ... familiar. The words describe in their known legal sense provisions made by law for the administration of the estates of persons who may become bankrupt or insolvent, according to rules and definitions prescribed by law, including of course the conditions in which that law is to be brought into operation, the manner in which it is to be brought into operation, and the effect of its operation.
Side 543 - Some Person claiming to have had a Right to be returned or elected at such Election ; or, 3. Some Person alleging himself to have been a Candidate at such Election : And such Petition is herein-after referred to as an Election Petition.

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