Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 116, No. 4, 1972)

American Philosophical Society

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Side 295 - That from and after the passage of this act, it shall be lawful throughout the United States of America to employ the weights and measures of the Metric System ; and no contract, or dealing, or pleading in any court, shall be deemed invalid or liable to objection, because the weights or measures expressed or referred to therein are weights or measures of the Metric System.
Side 289 - Character and associations are important only insofar as they bear on the possibility that secret information will be improperly revealed. In my opinion the most important evidence in this regard is the fact that there is no indication in the entire record that Dr. Oppenheimer has ever divulged any secret information.
Side 292 - Weights and measures may be ranked among the necessaries of life, to every individual of human society. They enter into the economical arrangements and daily concerns of every family. They are necessary to every occupation of human industry; to the distribution and security of every species of property ; to every transaction of trade and commerce ; to the labors of the husbandman ; to the ingenuity of the artificer; to the studies of the philosopher ; to the researches of the antiquarian : to the...
Side 289 - The facts of each case must be carefully weighed and determination made in the light of all the information presented whether favorable or unfavorable. The judgment of responsible persons as to the integrity of the individuals should be considered. The decision as to security clearance is an over-all, common-sense judgment, made after consideration of all the relevant information, as to whether or not there is risk that the granting of security clearance would endanger the national defense or security.
Side 289 - Board is of the opinion that It will not endanger the common defense and security and will be clearly consistent with the national Interest to grant access authorization to the Individual...
Side 286 - The purpose of this letter is to state my own exhaustively considered opinion, based upon years of study, of the available classified evidence, that more probably than not J. Robert Oppenheimer is an agent of the Soviet Union.
Side 292 - The knowledge of them, as in established use. is among the first elements of education, and is often learned by those who learn nothing else, not even to read and write. This knowledge is riveted in the memory by the habitual application of it to the employments of men throughout life.
Side 291 - We are at once instrument and end, discoverers and teachers, actors and observers. We understand, as we hope others understand, that in this there is a harmony between knowledge in the sense of science, that specialized and general knowledge which it is our purpose to uncover, and the community of man. We, like all men, are among those who bring a little light to the vast unending darkness of man's life and world.
Side 285 - We all hope that by one means or another, the development of these weapons can be avoided. We are all reluctant to see the United States take the initiative in precipitating this development. We are all agreed that it would be wrong at the present moment to commit ourselves to an all-out effort towards its development.
Side 282 - ... will perish. This war, that has ravaged so much of the earth, has written these words. The atomic bomb has spelled them out for all men to understand. Other men have spoken them, in other times, of other wars, of other weapons. They have not prevailed. There are some, misled by a false sense of human history, who hold that they will not prevail today. It is not for us to believe that. By our works we are committed, committed to a world united, before this common peril, in law, and in humanity.

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