A Dictionary of Music and Musicians (A.D. 1450-1889) by Eminent Writers, English and Foreign: With Illustrations and Woodcuts, Volum 1

Macmillan, 1879

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Side 442 - From harmony, from heavenly harmony This universal frame began: From harmony to harmony Through all the compass of the notes it ran, The diapason closing full in Man.
Side 310 - prentice, making holiday with his sweetheart, treated her with a sight of Bedlam, the puppet-shows, the flying-chairs, and all the elegancies of Moorfields; from whence, proceeding to the Farthing Pye-house, he gave her a collation of buns, cheesecakes, gammon of bacon, stuffed beef, and bottled ale ; through all which scenes the author dodged them (charmed with the simplicity of their courtship), from whence he drew this little sketch of Nature...
Side 71 - The anthem was good after sermon, being the fifty-first psalme, made for five voices by one of Captain Cooke's boys, a pretty boy. And they say there are four or five of them that can do as much.
Side 345 - Theorbo, newly composed after the Italian way,' and consisting of twenty short anthems for two trebles and a bass, the words selected from the Psalms. This work was reprinted, with the same title, in 1650, and was again reproduced, from the same plates, in 1656. but with the title changed to
Side 309 - The most Tragical Tragedy that ever was Tragedized by any Company of Tragedians...
Side 226 - Lancashire, of which county he was a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant, and in 1870 he received the honorary degree of DCL from the University of Oxford.
Side 164 - Beethoven's introduction to him, when divested of the ornaments 6 of Seyfried and others, stands as follows: — Mozart asked him to play, but thinking that his performance was a prepared piece, paid little attention to it. Beethoven seeing this entreated Mozart to give him a subject, which he did; and the boy, getting excited with the occasion, played so finely that Mozart, stepping softly into the next room, said to his friends there, ‘Pay attention to him; he will make a noise in the world some...
Side 161 - The First Verse of every Psalm of David, with an Ancient or Modern Chant, in Score, adapted as much as possible to the Sentiment of each Psalm.
Side 84 - But his love for music predominated, and instead of applying himself to the study of the law, he privately conveyed a spinet to his bedroom, and by muffling the strings with a handkerchief contrived to practice during the night undetected. He took lessons on the violin from Festing, and would occasionally borrow a livery in order to gain admission to the servant's gallery at the opera.
Side 281 - The solemn music lecture twice every week, in manner following, viz. the theoretique part for one half-hour, or thereabouts, and the practique, by concert of voice or instruments, for the rest of the hour, whereof the first lecture should be in the Latin tongue and the second in English ; but because at this time Mr. Dr. Bull, who is recommended to the place by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, being not able to speak Latin, his lectures are permitted to be altogether in English, so long as he...

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