National Employment System: Hearings ...on S. 688, S. 1442, H.R. 4305, 1919


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Side 47 - In witness whereof the said party of the first part has hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written.
Side 1 - An act to provide for. the establishment of a national employment system and for cooperation with the States in the promotion of such system, and for other purposes," approved June 6, 1933 (48 Stat.
Side 672 - And be it further Resolved, That copies of these resolutions be forwarded to the President of the United States, the Honorable Harry S.
Side 75 - An act to provide for the promotion of vocational education, to provide for cooperation with the states in the promotion of such education in agriculture and the trades and industries; to provide for cooperation with the states in the preparation of teachers of vocational subjects: and to appropriate money and regulate its expenditure...
Side 13 - Labor shall be to foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners of the United States, to improve their working conditions, and to advance their opportunities for profitable employment.
Side 513 - Association express its sympathy in the death of one of its members and extend condolences to his family, and be it further Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be spread upon the minutes of this Association and that a copy be sent to his family.
Side 11 - Agriculture is authorized to employ such assistants, clerks, and other persons in the city of Washington and elsewhere, to be taken from the eligible lists of the Civil Service Commission...
Side 9 - It shall be the province and duty of the bureau to promote and develop a national system of employment offices for men, women, and juniors who are legally qualified to engage in gainful occupations, to maintain a veterans...
Side 9 - Columbia and, in the manner hereinafter provided, to assist in establishing and maintaining systems of public employment offices in the several States and the political subdivisions thereof in which there shall be located a veterans
Side 74 - Said sums shall be allotted to the States in the proportion which their population bears to the total population of the United States...

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