In the Miscellaneous Tracts, we have in. serted many scarce, and some original articles, respecting the Mahrattas, so as to make our readers as much acquainted as possible with the manners, character, and history of a people with whom the interests of our Indian empire are now so intimately connected.

In the whole of the departments of the volume, we have studied, as usual, to furnish the public with useful information : and on the maritime Commerce of Bengal, and on ship building in India, some original communications will be found, which throw an entirely new light on these important and interesting subjects.

#lis Royal Highness the PRINCE OF Wales, K. G. &c.
His Royal Highness Fied Marshal the DUKE OF YORK, K.G. and K. B. &c.
His Royal Higliness the Duke or CLARENCE, K. G. and K. T. &c.
His Royal Highness the Duke of CUMBERLAND, &e.


Beaumont, Col. Portman-square

Babbage, Esq. Banker, Fleet-street Achmuty, Lieutenant-colonel, Tyndale Broderip, C. Esq. Hay Market House, Faversham

Barlowe, W. Esq. (2 copies) BridgeAuriol, J. P. Esq. Park-street, Grosvenor

street, Blackfriars square

Bragge, Right Hon. C. Sackville-etreet Ancker, C. Esq. Royal Hotel, Pall Mall Brookobank, T. Esq. 13, Hans-square Atkinson, T. Esq. at Messrs. Clement. Brookes, T Esq. 90, Jermyn-street son and Co.'s, &, Basinghall-street

Bruce, T. Esq. 86, Sloane-street Annesley, earl of, Dublin

Barratty, James, Esq. 3, Esser-court, Anslev, A. Esq. Lincoln's-Inn

Temple Åmos, James, Esq. 35, Camomile-street Bell, W. Esq. corner of Bedford-street, Abington, Major, Cobham, Surry

Russel-square Atkinson, Mrs. Mr. Gordon's, 25, Soho- Brownrigge, Colonel, 9, Portugal-street, square

Grosvetor-square Abercrombie, Sir R. Miller's Hotel, Blake, A. Esq. 22, Great Portland-street Jermyn-street

Binny, Charles, Esq. 39, Howland-street Allen, Mr. Messrs. Davidson's, Bankers, Blunt, Lady,Great Ormond-street, Queen Pall Mall

square Andrie, Lieutenant F. Mr. Andrie's, Browne, John, Esq. 11, John-street, London-street, Fitzroy-square

Adelphi Andrie, Lieut. R. C. ditio

Barnes, John, Esq. 2, Lansdowne-place Alexander, Robert, Esq. Mr. Porcher's,

Foundling Hospital 16, Devonshire-place

Byng, George, Esq. St. James's-square Aston, Thomas, Esq. Billiter-lane

Boehm, E. Esq. No. 2, New-street, Aston, Thomas, Esq. jun. ditto

Spring Gardens Albingulon, Mr. East-india House

Balfour, General, 6, Bolton-row Ahmuty, R. Esq. Calcutta

Bosville, G. Esq. Piddletown, Dorset Archer, Captain, dicto

Blair, A. Esq. Portland-place

Bedford, Duke of, Stable-ya'd, St. James's B.

Bell, Esq. 40, Charter-house-square Briseoe, E. J. Fsq. Two Stone Buildings, Ball, L. Esq. Messrs. Lefeures, Curries Lincoln's Inn

and Raikes, Bankers, Cornhill Biddulph, R. M. Esq. Strutton-street Baber, Edw. Esq. 63, Park-street, Gros Badcock, Capt. Mr. Dobson's, Linen venór-square

Drapes, Piccartilly, near Bond-street Burroughs, W. Esq. 13, GrosverporBeverly, Earl of, Portmun-square

street Bosville, W. Fsq. Welbeck-street Brembridge, Mr. T. care of Messrs. Burr,Colonel, Miss Burt's, 2, Upper Fitz- Whitter and Bremidge, 100, New roy-street, Fitzroy-square.

Bond-street Buriiey, Dr. Chelsea College

Baillie, Lieut.-Col..13, Brompton-row Burney, Dr. Charles, Greenwich Barton, Mrs. at E. M. Munday's, Esq. Brydges, Major-General, 1s, Upper

Piccadilly Wimpole-street

Busk, W. Ésq. 26, Devonshire-place


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Bredalbane, Earl of, Park-lane

Dowse, John, Esq. Grcát James-street,
Boileau, J. P. Esq. 18, Henrietta-street, Bedford-row

Dowse, Charles, Esq. Newman-street,
Bow es, Johnı, Esq. Broad-street

Foundling Hospital Barnes, Mr East-India House

Dallas, Sir George, Bart. Upper Harley-
Biddulph, J. Esq. Lime-street

Devonshire, Duke of, Piccadilly
Davis, Col. 3%, Nottingham-place, Pad-

Cox, Col. Kingsmill-house, Sandford, Davidson, Major, 17, Baker-street
near Eastone, Oxon

Dixon, Major, R. A. Woolwich
Cox and Baylis, Messrs. Great Queen Drummond, Capt. 18, Queen-street,

Cumming, James, Esq. India Board Delamain, John, Esq. 6, Margaret-street,
Cuthburt, I. R. Esq. Berkeley-square Cavendish-square
Ciela:11, Wm. Esq. Mr. Robertson's Dickson Col. 15, Sackville-street
kobe.i-street, Adelphi

Dalrymple, Col. 10, York-place, Port-
Chambers, Laiy, 5.5, Queen-Ann-street mall-square
Cass? major, J. H. Esq. 47, Wimpole-st.
Cailland, Gen. Mirs. Pechell's,Hanover-

Corry, Right Hon. J. 42, Albemarie-st. Edwards, H. Esq. Guilford-street

Esq. George-yard, Eccles, Mr. Qucen-st:eet
Co erouk, Capt. R. A. Woolwich
Caldecott, A. Esq Miess's Couts', Strand
Chast, R. Isq.8, Argyll-stieet

Forman, Capt. Mr. Blake's, London-st.
Chetwyn!, Vis. Boulton-street

Champion, Esq. 8, Argyll-street Forbes, John, Esq. 51, Upper Mary-
Cra'ifurd, John, Esq. Piccadilly, near le-bone-street

Flerning, Dr. Mr. Perry's, Strand (Morn-
Cockerell, Charles, Esq. Half-Moon-st. ing Chronicle)

Fullarton, Col. 21, Brompton-row
Capper, Col. Cardiff


- Esq. 51, Upper BrookConolly, - Esq. 37, Portland-place Cocker, B, Esq. Nassau-street

Foyd, Gen. Chalk Farm, Bromley, Kent' Chapman, Charles, Esq. 8, Wimpole, Fitzgerald, Maurice, Esq. 45, Chariotte

street, Portlanıl-piace
Crauf d, George, Esq Rotterdam, Fox, The Hon. CJ.
Clevel ud, Mr. Warburn-house, lyming- Fane, Hon. Miss
ton, Hants

Ferris and Co. Messrs. Calcutta
Cumming, Col. 10, Leicester-p'ace Fulton, J. W. Est.ditto
Cainpbell, A. Esq. 64, New Bond-street Farquharson, Capt. Bombay
Chatlied, Capt. Broad-street
Collins, C. Esq. Swansea

Clarke, Rev. Mr. Melfield, corner of
White Hart-street

Grant, James, Esq.
Colebrook, H. J. Esq. Calcutta

Grant, Charles, Esq. Russell-square
Gardiner, Capt. Richard, 27, Glocester-


Garthshore, W. Esq. Manchester-square De Veil, Rev. John, Edgeware

Gregory, Rob. Esc Berners-street Draper, Daniel, Esq. St. James's-street Grove, John, Esq. Stanwell, Staines Dickens, Francis, Esq. 20, Sackville-row Gorlsoll, P. Esq. 1, C.arges-street Demurgue, Charles, Esq. Piccadilly Garrow, W. Esq. Bedford-row Darval, J. L. Esq. 11, Gt. Distaff-lane Gainer, G. Esq. care of Mr. Meheux, Deane,lohn, Esq. Featherstone-buildings, India-Board, Whitehall Holborn

Grand, C. F. Esq. 90, Pall Mall Deane, Miss, ditto

Gold, Capt. R. A. Woolwich Darnicy, Farl of, Berkeley-square Gifford, W. Esq. 6, James-street, BuckDundas, Lord, Arlington-street









Graham, James, Fsq. Messrs. Borrodale's, Johnson, Rich. Esq. Banker, Pall Mall 34, Fenchurch-street

Ives, E. O. Esq. Titchfield, Hants Gregory, A. W. Esq. 78, Baker-street Jones, Lady,18, Boulton-street Gladwin, F. Esq. Mr. Andre's, London- Johnstone, Major-General, Narbetonstreet, Fitzroy-square

hall, Kingston, Surrey Gillett, G. Esq. Guildford-street

Johnston, Hon. Mrs. 44, Queen's-row, Gibert, Mr. Wormwood-street

Brompton Griffith, Mr.

Jones, Mr. Bengal Warehouse, New-st. Greenway, Mr. Calcutta

Innes, John, Esq. Broad-streer

Johnson, Capt. Calcutta
Henchman, T. Esq. 16, New Burlington-

K. Holliburton, D. Esq. Wimpole-street

Kemble, J. P. Esq. Gt. Russell-street Hargrave, F. Esq. Boswell-court, Cary- Kennaway, Sir John, Escot, near Exetes

Keighley, J. J. Esq. Indt Board Holland, Lord, Kensington

King, Lord, Great George-street Hilliard, Edward, Esq. Harley-street

Kendal, Mr. Kensington Holmes, Thomas, Esq. 11, Manstield-st. King, A. Esq. Castle-street, Holborn Hornsby,John, Esq.20, Gloucester-place Keene, W. Esq. 34, Sackville stieet Hyde, John, Esq. Marlborough

Kirkpatrick, Col. 4, Nottingham-place Higginson, C. H. Esq. 35, Harley-street Kerr, Rev. Mr. Madras Hall, Lieut-Col.

King, N. E. Esq. Calcutta Harrison, Richard, Esq. care of Crosby

and Co. booksellers
Heard, Sir J. Doctors' Commons

Lucandou, J. L. Esq.
Hawkes, Joseph, Esq. 15, Cecil-street Law, Evan, Esq. Brook-street
Hawkes, Capt. ditto

Lewis, Mathew.Esq.9, Devonshire-place
Howe, Hon. Mrs. 12, Grafton-street, Leycester, Ralph, Sen. Esq.
New Pond-street

Lansdown, Marquis of, Berkeley-square Hoy, Mr. 175, Piccadilly

Lane, Edward, Egy. Basingstoke, to be Hindley, Rev. Mr. Manchester

paid at Hatchett's Coifee-house, PicHedson, Mrs. Mr. Lethart's, 188, Swal.

cadilly low-street

Lefevere, C. S. Esq. New-street, Spring Henderson, Mr. Upper Charlotte-street Gardens Hope, John Thomas, Esq. 37, Upper Locke, John, Esq. America-square Seymour-street

Leigh, Lieutenant-Colonel, Combhay, Home, Lieutenant-Colonel, Mr. Home's; Bath Sackville-street

Loveday, R. Esq. Hammersmith Hogendorp, Major, care of Mr. Crau Ledger, (St.) A. B. Esq. 24, Upper furd, Rotterdam

Seymour-street Hobart, Lord, Grosvenor-place

Langles, Monsieur, Bibliothique Na-
Hippisley, Sir J. C. 17, Grosvenor-streat tionale a Paris
Heatly, P. Esq. Hertford-street

Lloyd, John, Esq. Francis-street
Howorth, H. Esq St. Alban's-street Lambert, Charles, Esq.
Hall, P. Esq. Messrs. De Ponthieu and Lautie, G. U. Esq. Calcutta
Co Token-house-yard

Leslie, Rev. Archdeacon, Madras
Harris, General, Belmont, Faversham

Lennox, Captain
Hopkins, D. Esq. Aberystwith
Hudson, Captain

Hutson, J. Esq. Bombay

Moore, P. Esq. Great George-street, I.


Mackintosh, Sir James, Bombay Inglis. Sir H. Bart. Soho-square

Meheux, John Esq. India Boarri Johnstone, George, Esq. 18, HanoverMoncton, Hon. Edw. (3 copies) Portsquare

land-place Jackson, Randall, Esq. 14, Paper-build- Maidman, Rich. Esq. Wickham, Hants ings

Mackey, J. Esq. Mr. Rose's, Tooley-st. Innes, Colonel

Melville, Right hon. viscount. Admiralty




M'Pherson, Sir J. Bart. Brompton Plasket, T. Esq. 16, Clifford-street
Moubray, George, Esq. 13, Devonshire- Pollock, Capt. Brompton

Porcher, J. Dupre, Esq. 16, Devonshire-
Meredith, W. Esq. 3, Harley-square place
M'Donald, Lieutenant-Colonel, at Lady Peile, Christopher, Esq.

Chambers's, Queen-Aun-st. West Peile, Henry, Esq. Madras
Myers, T, Esq. Tilney-street

Princep, Jolin, Esq. M.P.
Malorey, Esq. Limmer's Hotel, Pain, R. Esq.

Price, Captain John
Morris, J. Esq. 21, Baker-street, Port.

R. Millingchemp, Rev. B. 50, Cannon-st.

Roberts, Col. 11, Upper Grosvenor-st. Maicland, Hon. General, 12, Prince's-st.

Redfearne, Fras. Esq. 7, Queen’s-parade, Hanover-square

Munday, E. M. Esq. Walton, Burlton, Roe, Wm. Esg India Board

Reid, J. Esq. Bedford-square
NI·Kenzie, Col. 64, Berners-street

Robins, Thomas, Esq. Pilewell-house, M Millan, Mr. B Bow-street Morgan, James, Esq. (: copies) Gore- Ross, George, Esq. Mr. Ross's, 51, Grace

Lymington, Hants House, Kensington

church-street Noore, Mr. Vessrs. Davidson and Co. Rankin, Capt. 95, Upper Wimpole-street Lankers, Tall Mall

Rand, Capt. Mr. Sydenham's, 126, New M.Farlaine, Col. St. James's Hotel, Jer

Bond-street myn-street

Robinson, John,Esq. Parson's-yard, KenMiddleton, N. Esq. Berkeley-street, Man

sington chester-square

Reeves, F. Esq. Mr. Hawkes's, CecilMorrie, John, Esq. Francis-street Maughan, Capt. Bombay

Rayne, Col. Kensington Maughan, Rev. Mr.

Rose, W. Esq. Bengal Establishment, Monro, Dr. Calcutta

228, Piccadilly Mordaunt, 'T. Esq. ditto

Rock, , Esq. 27, Parliament-street

Ross, Major-General, 31, Harley-street N.

Regail, Major, New Hummums, Covent

Noble, Rev. Mark, Barming Parsonage, Roffey, Mr. Great St. Helens

Northwick, Viscount, 28, Hans-place, Royds, Hon. Sir John, Calcutta

Ryan, Mr. Copenhagen
Nash, Captain

Roberts, J.Esq. John-street, Bedford-row 0. Oakes, Licut.-Col. Messrs. Hoare's,

Sullivan, R. J. Esq. Grafton-street,Bond-
Ormrod, Rev. Mr. Kensington

Sullivan, John, Esq. Chesterfield-street
Stockwell, John, Esq. 55, Crutched-friars

Smith, C. Esq. Lincoln's-Inn

Stainforth, T. Esq. Liverpool, care of
Princep, John, Esq. Leadenhall-street Mr. Green, 2, Henrietta-street, Covent
Perry, James, Esq. Morning Chronicle Garden

Shackleford, J. Esq. Mr. Houghton's, Peachy, Hon. John, Wimpole-street King's Arms-yard, Coleman-street Poole, Charles, Esq. Somerset-house Scott, David, Esq. Upper Harley-street Parry, Edward, Esq. Gower-street,

Sheffield, Lord, Privy Gardens Powell, T. H. Esq. Harcourt-buildings, Serle's Coffee-house,Cary-street Temide

Stanley, Col. Pall Mall Paxton, Messrs. (3 copies) Pall Mall Scarborough, Lord, Park-lane Payne, C. W. Esq. 21, Tufton-street, Strange, Sir T. (2 copies) Mr. ThompWestminster

son's, 18, Somerset-street, PortmanPatterson, Lieutenant-Colonel, Bombay square

Establishunent, care of Mess, Steven- Skinner, Joseph, Esq. Gt. James-street, son and Co. Lombard-street





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