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Enforcement of payment of back wages. M & K Manufacturing Co.; Goldberg v. (U.S. Dist. Ct.). June 677.

Labor Management Relations Act

Arbitration award enforcement:

New Orleans Steamship Association v. Longshoremen,
Locals 1418 and 10659 (U.S. Dist Ct.). June 673-674.

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Bargaining obligations:

Association good faith bargaining. NLRB v. Cascade
Employers Association (U.S. Ct. of App.). Jan.

Refusal to bargain. NLRB v. Katz (U.S. Sup. Ct.).
July 793.

Bargaining unit. Craft severance. Royal McBee Corp. v. NLRB (U.S. Ct. of App.). Sept. 1027-1028. Enforcement of agreements:

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Enforcement of agreements-Continued

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Aug. 904-905.

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Order enforcement. NLRB v. Ochoa Fertilizer Corp. (U.S. Sup. Ct.). Feb. 183.

Personal liability of union members. Atkinson v. Sinclair Refining Co. (U.S. Sup. Ct.). Aug 903-904.

Protected activity. NLRB v. Washington Aluminum Co. (U.S. Sup. Ct.). July 794-795.

Secondary boycott. Hot cargo. Cuneo v. Essex County and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters and Millwrights, Brotherhood of Carpenters (U.S. Dist. Ct.). Nov. 1277.

Seniority rights in plant relocation. Oddie v. Ross Gear and Tool Co. (U.S. Ct. of App.). Sept. 1026-1027. Union security. Agency shop. General Motors Corp. v. NLRB (U.S. Ct. of App.). Aug. 906.

Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act Constitutionality of embezzlement provision. Haverlick; U.S. v. (U.S. Dist. Ct.). Jan. 66.

Union election procedures:

Hod Carriers, Local 11; Wirtz v. (U.S. Dist. Ct.).
Dec. 1396.

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Union report. Examination. Longshoremen, Local 1419 v. Smith (U.S. Ct. of App.). July 796.

Unemployment Insurance

Claim award notice to employer. Warren Sanitary Milk Co. v. Board of Review (Ohio Ct. of App.). Sept. 1029. Labor dispute:

Chrysler Corp.-California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (Calif. Dist. Ct. of App.). June 675-677.

Lillard v. Michigan Employment Security Commission (Michigan Sup. Ct.). Jan. 67-68. Supplementary benefits. Lump sum severance pay. Thornbrough, Commissioner of Labor v. Gage (Ark. Sup. Ct.). Apr. 426-427.

Universal Military Training and Service Act

Seniority. Kelly v. Ford Instrument Co. (U.S. Ct. of App.). Apr. 426.


Due process requirements of 14th Amendment. Green,
In re (U.S. Sup. Ct.). July 793-794.
Political activities of union members. Mitchell v. Machin-
ists (Calif. Dist. Ct. of App.). Feb. 185–186.

NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD CASES Arbitrated unfair labor practice disputes. International Harvester Co. and Ramsey (138 NLRB No. 88). Dec. 1393.

[blocks in formation]

Bargaining unit:

Craft severance. Sheffield Corp. and Dist. 12, Machinists (134 NLRB No. 122). Mar. 302. Insurance agents. Quaker City Life Insurance Co. and Insurance Workers (134 NLRB No. 114). Mar. 302-303.

Breach of contract. Arlan's Department Store of Michigan and Helaers and Central States Joint Board, Clothing Workers (133 NLRB No. 56). Jan. 64-66. Concerted activity. Brookside Industries, Inc. and Moore (135 NLRB No. 4). Mar. 304. Discrimination.

Back pay awards. Northern Virginia Sun Publishing Co. and Wheeler (134 NLRB No. 109). Feb. 183-184.


May Department Stores Co. dba The May Co. and
Local 880, Retail Store Employees (136 NLRB
No. 71). June 674-675.

Stoddard-Quirk Manufacturing Co. and Woodworkers (138 NLRB No. 75). Dec. 1394-1396. Lockout. Brown Food Store and Local 462, Retail Clerks (137 NLRB No. 6). Sept. 1028-1029. NLRB services. Corrupt union. Alto Plastics Manufacturing Corp. and Local 886, Industrial Workers Federation (136 NLRB No. 70). June 675. Picketing:

Common situs. Electrical Workers, IBEW, Local 861 and Plauche Electric, Inc. (135 NLRB No. 41). Mar. 301.


Automobile Workers, Local 259 and Fanelli Ford Sales, Inc. (133 NLRB No. 163). Jan. 64. Electrical Workers, IBEW, Local 429 and Sam Melson (138 NLRB No. 57). Nov. 1275-1276. Hod Carriers, Local 107 and Texarkana Construction Co. (138 NLRB No. 10). Oct. 1146-1147.

Hod Carriers, Local 840 and C. A. Blinne Construction Co. (135 NLRB No. 121). May 547-548.

Hotel & Restaurant Employees, Locals 89 and 1 and Stork Restaurant (135 NLRB No. 122). May 549.

Hotel & Restaurant Employees, Local 681 and Crown Cafeteria (135 NLRB No. 124). May 549.

Retail Clerks, Locals 324 and 770 and Barker Bros. Corp. and Gold's, Inc. (138 NLRB No. 54). Nov. 1274-1275.

Protected activity. Redwing Carriers, Inc. and Local 79, Teamsters (137 NLRB No. 162).

Representation election:

Contract bar in construction.

Sept. 1028.

Island Construction

Co. and Longshoremen and Warehousemen, Local 142 (135 NLRB No. 1).

Preelection conduct:

Mar. 303–304.

[blocks in formation]

Secondary boycott: Hot cargo.

Construction, Production and Maintenance Laborers, Local 383 and Local 1089, Carpenters and Independent Contractors Association (137 NLRB No. 149). Nov. 1276-1277. Subcontracting:

Machinists, District 9 and Greater St. Louis
Automobile Trimmers and Upholsterers As-
sociation (134 NLRB No. 138). Mar 301-302.

Milk Drivers and Dairy Employees, Local 546,
Teamsters and Minnesota Milk Co. (133
NLRB No. 123). Jan. 63-64.

Union security. Representation petition. Paragon Products Corp. and District 50, Mine Workers (134 NLRB No. 86). Feb. 184-185.


(Most recent 13 months and 2 annual averages) Consumer and wholesale prices:

Consumer Price Index. All-city average: All items, groups, subgroups, and special groups of items. Table D-1, each issue.

All items and food indexes, by city. Table D-2, each issue.

Indexes of wholesale prices. By group and subgroup of commodities. Table D-3, each issue.

For special commodity groupings. Table D-4, each issue.

By stage of processing and durability of product. Table D-5, each issue.

Earnings and hours:

Gross hours and earnings of production workers, by industry. Table C-1, each issue.

Average weekly hours, seasonally adjusted, of production workers in selected industries. Table C-2, each issue.

Average hourly earnings excluding overtime of production workers in manufacturing, by major industry group. Table C-3, each issue. Average overtime hours of production workers in manufacturing, by industry. Table C-4, each


Indexes of aggregate weekly man-hours and payrolls in industrial and construction activities. Table C-5, each issue.

Gross and spendable average weekly earnings of production workers in manufacturing, in current and 1957-59 dollars. Table C-6, each issue.


Estimated total labor force classified by employment
status and sex. Table A-1, each issue.
Employees in nonagricultural establishments, by
industry. Table A-2, each issue.

Production workers in nonagricultural establishments,
by industry. Table A-3, each issue.
Employees in nonagricultural establishments, by in-
dustry division and selected groups, seasonally ad-
justed. Table A-4, each issue.

Production workers in manufacturing industries, by
major industry group, seasonally adjusted. Table
A-5, each issue.

Unemployment insurance and employment service program operations. Table A-6, each issue. Labor turnover rates, by major industry group. Table B-1, each issue.

Work injuries. Injury-frequency rates for selected manufacturing industries. (Most recent 10 quarters and 2 annual averages.) Table F-1, Jan., Apr., July, Oct. issues.

Work stoppages resulting from labor-management disputes. (13 most recent months and annual averages, 1935-39, 1947-49, and from 1945 to 1961.) Table E-1, each issue.





JAN 14 1963


U. S

Union Contract Developments in 1963
Work Experience of the Population in 1961

Salary Levels for White-Collar Occupations



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JACK ALTERMAN, Chief, Office of Economic Growth Studies
ARNOLD E. CHASE, Chief, Division of Prices and Cost of Living
H. M. DOUTY, Chief, Division of Wages and Industrial Relations

RAY S. DUNN, JR., Acting Chief, Office of Management

JOSEPH P. GOLDBERG, Special Assistant to the Commissioner

HAROLD GOLDSTEIN, Chief, Division of Manpower and Employment Statistics
LEON GREENBERG, Chief, Division of Productivity and Technological Developments
PETER HENLE, Special Assistant to the Commissioner

RICHARD F. JONES, Deputy Assistant Commissioner (Management)

WALTER G. KEIM, Deputy Assistant Commissioner (Field Service)

LAWRENCE R. KLEIN, Chief, Office of Publications (on leave)

HYMAN L. LEWIS, Chief, Office of Labor Economics

LEONARD R. LINSENMAYER, Chief, Office of Program Planning
FRANK 8. MCELROY, Chief, Division of Industrial Hazards
ABE ROTHMAN, Chief, Office of Statistical Standards

WILLIAM O. SHELTON, Chief, Division of Foreign Labor Conditions

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