Some delay has unavoidably taken place in the publication of this work, but the subject is so full of interest that it was found impossible to confine it within the bounds originally intended, namely, a volume of two hundred and forty pages.

With a desire, therefore, of embracing the most important historical facts connected with this city, I have availed myself of the valuable information which has been kindly afforded by several gentlemen conversant with the early history of this country ; and I beg to express my acknowledgments to those gentlemen, and to the many friends who have taken an active interest in the progress of this work. I should be wanting, indeed, in justice, if I did not here express how deeply sensible I am of the obligations which I owe to A. Thom, Esquire, M. A. for the original Prospectus of this work, which has been duly estimated wherever it has been read; and I esteem myself particularly fortunate in having obtained the assistance of J. C. Fisher, Esquire, L. L. D., who arranged and classified the various materials submitted to him, and from whose classical pen the greatest portion of the following pages proceeds.

A. H.




1. View of Quebec from Beauport to face title page.
2. Title page, Engraved Plate and Great Seal.
3. Suffolk Seal to face.....

.Page 118 4. Castle St. Lewis do.

128 5. Hope-Gate

152 6. Dalhousie-Gate do.

156 7, Officers Barracks do.

158 8. St. Jobos-Gate do.

165 9, Prescott-Gate do.

170 10. St. Lewis-Gate do.

172 11. Palace-Gate do..

2+7 12. Parliament House do.

253 13. Marine Hospital do.

261 14. Quebec Harbor do.




m Slurus by Sproulo fim eru Original Oy A. J. Russell

for Hawkins'

Picture of Quebeo.


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