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MAY 24, 1939

EV 459 .694 1856

“And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, ind come to Zion with songs and everlasting fog upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and glade ness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away." -ISAIAH 85 : 10.


16 & 18 Jacob St., N. Y.

Hail tranquil hour of closing day,.

22 High in the heavens, eternal God,.

27 I am weary of straying, oh ! fain would I rest,.. 8 I come to Thee to-night,

43 In the mid silence of the voiceless night,

62 It is the Lord, enthroned in light,

$1 Jesus, my sorrow lies too deep,....

43 Jesus, the only thought of Thee,..

89 Jesus, the sinner's friend, to Thee,..

47 Just as thou art, without one trace,

51 Lead, Saviour, lead amid the ancircling gloom,.. 16 Lord, I am come alone with Thee,.

17 Lord, I believe; Thy power I own,

64 My faith looks up to Thee,..

33 My Father's home, my childhood's dream, 72 My God, accept my heart this day,.

35 My God, I love Thee, not because,..

53 My God, whose gracious pity I may claim,

6 My life's a shade; my days,

78 My prayer to the promise shall cling,.

8 My Saviour, on the word of truth,..

61 My spirit longeth for Thee,

... 37 My spirit on Thy care,

56 Nay, I can not let Thee go,..

10 New every morning is the love,

13 No, no, it is not dying,..

76 Now to the Lord a noble song,..

32 Oh! bless the Lord, my soul,.

69 Oh ! how the thought of God attracts,

21 Oh! it is hard to work for God,..

9 O Lord ! how happy should we be.......


One prayer I have, all prayers in one,.

84 One sweetly solemn thought,.

5 O Thou! by long experience tried,

44 0 Thou! from whom all mercy springs,.

12 O Thou! that hear'st the prayers of faith,. 29 0 Thou! whose gently chastening hand,.

4 Our Father! through the coming year,

1 Poor and needy though I be,.... Still, still with Thee when purple morning breaketh,

19 Sweet is the light of Sabbath eve,.............

26 Teach me, my God and King,..

25 That mystic word of Thine, O sovereign Lord,.. 50 The wanderer no more shall roam,..

52 Thou boundless source of every good,

15 Though some good things of lower worth, 67 Thy home is with the humble, Lord,

49 Thy way, not mine, O Lord,.

2 Thy will be done. In devious way,

18 'Tis gone, that bright and orbéd blaze,

14 Vainly through night's weary hours,..

24 Weary, Lord, of struggling here,....

40 We would see Jesus, for the shadows lengthen, 70 What is this that steals upon my frame,...

75 When wakened by Thy voice of power,

57 While dead in trespasses I lie,.

63 Yes, I do feel, my God, that I am Thine,.. 66

“Praise pe the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our God; for it is pleasant; and praise is comelg."-PAALN 147:1.

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