Arithmetic, in All Its Parts, Vulgar and Decimal: As Also, Tables of Coins, Weights and Measures Used in Different Countries. With Interest and Annuities, Simple and Compound. Extraction of Roots, Mensuration of Planes and Solids, and Notes on the Gregorian Kalendar ...

Printed, and sold by H. Galbraith, 1757 - 567 sider

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Side 387 - Reduce compound fractions to simple ones, and mixt numbers to improper fractions ; then multiply the numerators together for a new numerator, and the denominators for. a new denominator.
Side 342 - As three times three do three ; But after ten and half ten years, We man and wife had been, Her age came up as near to mine, As eight is to sixteen.
Side 379 - To find the value of a fraction in the known parts of the integer, as of coin, weight, measure, fyc.
Side 345 - There is a fish whose head is 8 feet long, his tail is as long as his head and half his body, and his body is as long as his head and tail ; what is the whole length of the fish.
Side 360 - If you take away 5 from my years, and divide the remainder by 8, the quotient will be $ of your age; but if you add 2 to your age, and multiply the whole by 3, and then subtract 7 from the product, you will have the number of the years of my age. What was the age of the father and son ? Ans., 53 and 18.
Side 554 - ... of Inches, and run that Extent along the Board, from End to End, you may find how many Feet that Board contains ; or you may cut off from that Board any Number of Feet defir'd. For this Purpofe there is a Line...
Side 455 - Л landed man two daughters had, And both were very fair ; He gave to each a piece of land, One round, the other square.
Side 460 - Year chance to be juft ~ .1 or ^ of a Year, then the beft way will be to Reduce the Odd Time into Days, and. then work with the Decimal Parts of a Year that are equivalent to thofe Number of Days.
Side 556 - If a piece of timber be 22 inches deep, and 15 inches broad, how much in length will make a foot?
Side 188 - A man was hired 50 days on these conditions. — that, for every day he worked, he should receive $ '75, and, for every day he was idle, he should forfeit $ '25 ; at the expiration of the time, he received $ 27'50 ; how many days did he work...

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