An Act for the prevention of pools, trusts,

conspiracies and combinations in restraint

of trade, and to define same and to pre-

scribe penalties and provide methods for the

infliction thereof. S. B. 139-Glenn...........

Chapter 18. An Act prescribing the duties and powers of

the Railroad Commission with reference to

express companies, steamboats and steam-

boat companies, telegraph companies and

telephone companies, and all boats and other

water craft propelled by the use of oil, gaso-

line or other means. S. B. 223-Helm............

Chapter 19. An Act creating the State Insurance Board, to

supervise the operation of fire insurance

rate making bureaus and providing for their

examination, prohibiting rebating and dis-

crimination in fixing and collecting fire in-

surance rates; requiring companies to main-

tain and co-operate in maintaining and

operating rate making bureaus, requiring in-

spection and survey by such bureaus of all

risks specifically rated, and regulating agree-

ments between insurance companies and

their insurers with respect to fixing and col-

lecting fire insurance rates; prescribing the

powers of fire insurance companies; provid-

ing for agents' license and qualifications;

protecting against fire insurance in unauth-

orized companies; providing for the preven-

tion of fire waste and for the establishment

of the office of State Fire Marshal, fixing

salaries and expenditures and prescribing

duties; prohibiting over-insurance; provid-

ing for, organizing and regulating certain

kinds of insurance upon the mutual, recip-

rocal or inter-insurance plan, empowering

corporations to participate therein; provid-

ing penalties for violation; providing con.

ditions under which insurance may be ef-

fected upon the Lloyds plan, and penalty for

violation thereof, and repealing existing

statutes. S. B. 322-Huffaker..

Chapter 20. An Act relating to agricultural extension work

and home economics; accepting the provis-

icns of the Act of Congress providing for

co-operative agricultural extension work

between agricultural colleges, which act was

approved May 8, 1914; providing that such

work shall be done under the directions of

the Kentucky University, Lexington, Ken-

tucky; changing the name of said Univer-

sity to University of Kentucky; amending

and re-enacting section 1 of chapter 3, Acts

of 1908; amending and re-enacting section

15, Kentucky Statutes 1903; providing for

the appointment of trustees of the Univer-

sity of Kentucky; creating an extension

committee to have charge of extension work

under the supervision of the University of

Kentucky; providing for the election of an

executive committee for the University of

Kentucky; amending and re-enacting sec-

tion 13 of the Act of March 21, 1906, cre-

ating the State Board of Agriculture, For-

estry and Immigration; repealing section 2

of an Act for the benefit of the Depart-

ment of Agriculture, Labor and Statistics,

approved March 11, 1912; appropriating

money for the University of Kentucky; pro-

viding for the establishment of a marketing

bureau; authorizing the fiscal courts of the

counties and the boards of education of

counties to appropriate money for extension

work, and amending and re-enacting section

5 of an Act for the benefit of the Depart-

ment of Agriculture, approved March 21,

1906. S. B. 345-Peak..............

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