A Memoir on the Cotton of Egypt, Utgave 1

J. Madden & Company, 1841 - 64 sider

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Side 4 - No voice from the tomb is needed to warn the antiquary, " that yet a little while," and such will be the end— that, if he and his colleagues in research do not step forward for the preservation of Egyptian monuments, in a very few years travellers may save themselves the trouble of a journey beyond the precincts of the British and the Continental museums.
Side 47 - WHEN the British warrior queen, Bleeding from the Roman rods, Sought, with an indignant mien, Counsel of her country's...
Side 67 - Co. at all times ready to enter into arrangements for effective publication. Public Libraries and Literary Societies may have on application, forwarded once a month, free of expense, a List of the New Works published in England and France. Miscellaneous Orders executed with punctuality and despatch.
Side 30 - White Nile, do not appear to have been of so pure and praiseworthy a character as those entertained by his regal predecessors, if we are to believe Mr. George Gliddon, late United States' consul at Cairo, in his " Appeal to the Antiquaries of Europe on the Destruction of the Monuments of Egypt." "While mystified Europe rejoices at the prospect thus apparently opening to penetrate to the unknown sources of the Nile, and England congratulates herself upon the opportunity of opening a new trade with...
Side 39 - ... discovered that he had kept a regular dead-reckoning account all the way up the river, heaving the log at stated intervals, and noting the daily run accordingly ; but, apart from this original notion of a log in river navigation, as he had made no allowance for the current running from three to five knots against him, he had actually gone on his chart more than double the distance of his diurnal voyage ! This at once accounted for his having gone over the Mountains of the Moon without seeing...
Side 67 - Co. beg leave to announce to Gentlemen interested in the East, that they especially devote their attention to the publication and sale of works connected with the Mediterranean, Archipelago, Turkey, Egypt, Persia and India.
Side 76 - Heine himself suffered from it, illustrate forcibly the old proverb that one man may steal a horse while another must not look over the hedge.
Side 39 - Europe," observes Mr. Gliddon, " upon this was mystified ; and the fact seemed unaccountable, till an examination was made in Egypt of the mode in which the only scientific man in the expedition — a post-captain of the Egyptian navy, and consequently a navigator and lunarian, sent up ' ad hoc ' with this expedition — a TurcoEgyptian educated in England — had made his observations.
Side 47 - Mamoor, who, to the best of his ability, carried into execution the orders of his master. If the conceptions of the successive Architects, who erected these now-disappearing edifices, were mighty, not less vast were those which guided the hand of the destroying, but fallen, angel of a Mamoor in their demolition. The result of his operations from 1836 to the winter of 1840, are as follows : Commencing with the Great Propylon of the Hypostyle Hall of Karnac ('marked No. 6 in Wilkinson's map,) the enthusiasm...
Side 48 - ... workmen, whose unrequited exertions were refreshened by the never-failing stimulus of the Corbach, they were proceeding with rapidity, when Providence interposed a remonstrating European, through whose manly and strenuous exertions that great Propylon was saved, though he was treated with insolence. The Mamoor then directed his energies to the annihilation of all the sub and superstructures of the little Temples, marked O ; N ; T 4, and R ; in the map. Meanwhile, a remonstrance had been addressed...

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