The Vicars of Rudston, as appears by the Parish Register Books.

Thomas Pierson
William Wedgwood
Nathaniel Grantham

Thomas Collinson
William Davies

William Stephenson
George Gurwood
John Knowsley
John Whaley
William Cayley
F. Metcalfe
James Dallin
Robert Dallin

E. T. Mortlock

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The living is a Vicarage of the yearly value of £400, arising from 254 acres of glebe land and a payment of £44 per annum of tithe.* It is in the patronage of the Archbishops of York, and is held by the Rev. Edward Thomas Mortlock, M.A., of Gonville and Cains College, Cambridge.

There is a National and an Infant School, which are principally supported by voluntary contributions.

The Wesleyans and the Primitive Methodists have each of them a place of worship in the village.

Thorpe Hall, which is very prettily situated on the Burlington road about a mile to the East of the village, is occupied by the Honourable Mrs. Bosville.

Sir Henry Somerville Boynton, Bart., is Lord of the Manor.

The principal landowners are the Trustees of Alexander W. M. Bosville, Esqr. (a minor); Lord Londesborough, Sir Henry S. Boynton, Bart., Charles N. Hopkinson, Esqr., and Ralph Creyke, Esqr.

The soil is partly loamy and partly

* The "Award," 1777.

gravelly; the subsoil is limestone and gravel.

The chief crops are wheat, oats, barley, and turnips. The cultivation of the soil is not to be surpassed either in the county or the country, and it must indeed be an enjoyable sight to those who come from our cities and towns to spend a few weeks at the neighbouring watering places, as they ramble through this village and district, to notice the green fields so free from noxious weeds, the straight, well-cut, beautifully kept hedges, and the large flocks of Leicester sheep grazing within its precincts.

The population in 1871 was 595; the area is 5,060 acres; the gross estimated rental, £7,022; and the rateable value, £5,445.

The registers date from the year 1550, and considering their antiquity, as also, from a note stating that they were previously found "loose and scattered about in the vicarage," they are in a wonderfully good state of preservation. From them we gather that, "The infectious distemper among Horn Cattle wch rag'd almost in all ye counties in England, began at Rudston in November,

1748, and ceas'd again in April, 1749, in wch time their died in ye parish of Rudston as follows:

At Caythorp, belonging to John Jefferson
At Thorp, belonging to Thos. Hassel, Esq.
At Rudston, belonging to various people




Then follows this entry "In May, 1748, we built a loft or gallery at Rudston, wch was done by subscription entirely, wch cost £10 12s. Od. Sir Griffith Boynton gave 3 guineas; Mr. Hassel, 1 guinea; Mr. Benjamin Hudson, 10s. Od.; myself, 10s. Od.; ye rest by a voluntary subscription of ye parishioners. J. KNOWSLEY."

Under the entry of Baptisms in 1809 is the following notification:


The greatest overflow of waters prevailed here ever remembered. Many persons were obliged to abandon their homes and repair to the dwellings of the benevolent and humane for temporary refuge. Rudston, February 15, 1809, RD. HARRISON, Clerk."

Of the Constables who formerly owned the hamlet of Caythorpe, there is a notification as follows:

"The inscriptions relating to the Constables of Carethorp, are thus, on a brass plate within the rails on a tombstone.

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Pray for the soules of Sr Wm. Constable, of Carethorp, Knt., son of Sir Robt. Constable, of fflamborough, Knt., and Jane his wife, one of the heirs of Thomas ffulthorp, of Tunstall, in the countie of Durham, wch Wm. died 25 day of the month of July, and in the year of our Lord God 1524, and the sd Jane the day of month and in the year of our Lord 15-.' Another Here lieth Catherine Constable, daughter of Edward Hutchinson, of Wickham Abby, Esqr., wife of Jno. Constable, of Carethorp, Esqr. She was born June 20th, 1610, and died June 12th, 1677.'"

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From the pedigree of the Constables, of Wassand, in Poulson's History of Holderness, vol. i. pp. 431, we gather that Sir William Constable, of Carethorp, Knt., 5th son of Sir Robert Constable, of Flamborough, &c., &c., married Johan, daughter and heir of Thos. Fulthorp. By her will, proved 18th December, 1540, she desires to be

*The brass plate was removed from the Church upon its restoration, and may now be seen at the house of the Parish Clerk and Sextoness.

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