Mr. Geo. Fowler Jones, thinks, that in

PAGE 18, it would be better to describe the roof as " timbered and boarded : and in

PAGE 24, to say of the Windows in the Chancel, that they are “of geometrical tracery with trefoil openings and quatra-foil headings.”

PAGE 25. It should be mentioned that outside the Communion rails, on the step, is a brass plate having reference to the illustrations in the East Window, and bearing the following inscription from the Litany :

“By thine Agony and bloody Sweat; by thy Cross and Passion; by thy precious Death and Burial; by thy glorious Resurrection and Ascension ; and by the coming of the Holy Ghost.”

PAGE 27. The two Southern windows in the Chancel by Capronnier, were put in as memorial windows, in addition to the one mentioned at page 19, by Lady Middleton and the late Wentworth Bosville, Esq.

PAGE 37. The “brass plate” mentioned here las now been affixed to the wall in the Vestry.

Mr. Dunkin writes and says, among the Inventories of Church goods in the East- Riding of Yorkshire, taken in the time of Edward VI., is one referring to the parish Church of Rudston. It is as follows:

“Rudstone-(Precked, Curate) j challace of silver j vestment of dernix j vestment of yalowe silke j whyt cope iij alter clothes iiij towells ij candelsteks of brasse iij belles & a corporax.”

The original of this document is preserved in the Public Record Office.

SUN-DIAL. On one of the stones in the buttress to the North of the chancel door, may be seen the traces of a Sundial.


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Page 8, line 15, no comma after may.

8, » 22, put comma after kingdom. 14, 5, omit of between circles and gold. 17, 25, supply the site of to the end of this line. 21, 21, for decription read description.

, 22, read decorated for decorated. 23, , 26, for English read decorated. 25,

7, read apex instead of corner.
29, 12, put a comma after augur.

» 21, supply Rebus between a and shield.
34, 7, read Caius for Cains.
43, 3, read institut for institul.
52, 22, read desecrated for descrated.

15 and 16, too wide a space.
56, in footnote supply e in Guernsey.
58, 21, supply it at the end of the line.
60, last read prepared for prepaed.
65, 6, read barrows for burrows.
65, 12, read in for it.
68, 5, read Archeologia for Archælogia.
73, 4, read roads for rodes.
73, 9, put comma after other.
73, 9, read one for on.
76, , 17, supply 5 between except and Edw. III.
78, » 20, put adverted-comma after Rudston.

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