The Clinical Reporter, Volum 17


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Side 161 - GLYCO= THYMOLINE FOR CATARRHAL CONDITIONS Nasal, Throat Intestinal Stomach, Rectal and Utero=Vaginal KRESS 3 OWEN COMPANY 210 FULTON STRE.ET NEW YORK Sole Agents for Great Britain : THOS.
Side 79 - LAMBERT'S LITHIATED HYDRANGEA A remedy of acknowledged value in the treatment of all diseases of the urinary system and of especial utility in the train of evil effects arising from a uric acid diathesis. A pamphlet of "Clippings" of editorials on this subject may be had by addressing: LAMBERT PHARMACAL CO., ST.
Side 79 - It should be administered with salt solution, heated to 7O°F, an hour prior to operation, during same if shock is evident, and after returning patient to bed. The quantity of the injection must be suited to the individual case, varying from 2 ounces to 6 ounces of each. The salt solution renders the absorption of the Bovinine more rapid, and the heart action is imme=> diately improved ; the sustaining effect is continuous for two to three hours.
Side 468 - A. Edward Davis, AM, MD, Professor of Diseases of the Eye in the New York Post-graduate Medical School ; Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine.
Side 439 - Animal Iron* 20 % Coagulable Albumen, and all the constituents of healthy Blood. It is thoroughly sterile, requires little or no digestion, and produces blood corpuscles that Mature.
Side 144 - Hobart A. Hare, MD, professor of therapeutics in the Jefferson Medical College and editor of the Therapeutic Gazette, says: "Any substance possessing strong antipyretic power must be of value under such circumstances." He further notes that the analgesic power of the coal-tar products "must exert a powerful influence for good." The lowering of the fever, no doubt, quiets the system and removes the delirium which accompanies the hyperpyrexia, while freedom from pain saves an immense amount of wear,...
Side 119 - Ancemia results from a form of malnutrition which is not caused by lack of any nutritive element, * but by the absolute inertia of the digestive function. BOVININE comes to the rescue by supplying a vitalized and perfectly compounded pabulum that calls for no chemico-vital effort or expenditure whatever.
Side 115 - Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention is probably patentable.
Side 275 - CO. IS ON THE ORDER BEFORE YOU SIGN IT. FOLK'S is the only complete Medical Directory. FOLK'S is the only Medical Directory having an index to all physicians in the United States.
Side 259 - But, she said, the butter's bitter; If I put it in my batter It will make my batter bitter. But a bit of better butter, Will make my batter better.

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