The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volum 20

Charles Franklin Dunbar, Frank William Taussig, Abbott Payson Usher, Alvin Harvey Hansen, William Leonard Crum, Edward Chamberlin, Arthur Eli Monroe
Harvard University, 1906
Edited at Harvard University's Department of Economics, this journal covers all aspects of the field -- from the journal's traditional emphasis on microtheory, to both empirical and theoretical macroeconomics.

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Side 19 - Provided that no railway company shall make, nor shall the court, or the Commissioners, sanction any difference in the tolls, rates, or charges made for, or any difference in the treatment of, home and foreign merchandise, in respect of the same or similar services.
Side 11 - ... whether such lower charge or difference in treatment is necessary for the purpose of securing in the interests of the public the traffic in respect of which it is made...
Side 617 - It shall be the duty of the comptroller aforesaid to apportion the said tax among the several counties, in proportion to the amount of taxable real and personal estate of said counties...
Side 604 - Irish in great quantity, and, weaving it, returne the same again into Ireland to sell: Neither doth their industry rest here, for they buy cotton wool in London, that comes first from Cyprus and Smyrna, and at home worke the same, and perfect it into fustians, vermillions, dimities, and other such stuffes, and then return it to London, where the same is vented and sold, and not seldom sent into forrain parts, who have means, at far easier termes, to provide themselves of the said first materials.
Side 210 - II. There is but one price for commodities of the same quality in the same market. This is Jevons's law of indifference.
Side 161 - Oportet patrem familias vendacem esse, non emacem," and do carry more commodities in value over the seas than we bring hither from thence, that then the realm shall receive that overplus in money; but if we bring from beyond the seas merchandise of more value than that which we do send over may countervail, then the realm payeth for that overplus in ready money, and consequently is a loser by that ill husbandry; and therefore in this part great and heedful regard must be had that...
Side 605 - George, Humphrey, and Ralph (Chetham,) embarked in the trade for which Manchester had for some time been distinguished, the chief branch of which was the manufacture of cottons.
Side 188 - II, p. 7. subsidiary cross lines and feeders, most of which, as has been said, were independent. Many of these, aside from having a direct interest in their longest haul to a terminus on the lakes or the Ohio river, had been built by local capital, and were administered in the interests of the lake cities or Cincinnati and Louisville. There was no unity whatever in their policies, and the most ridiculous wastes of transportation resulted. Grain was literally meandering toward the East instead of...
Side 574 - But this is one-sided criticism. It may hold as against certain tenets of the so-called "scientific socialism," but it is not altogether to the point as regards the Marxian system of theory. Even the Marxian theory of value, surplus value, and exploitation, is not simply the doctrine of William Thompson, transcribed and sophisticated in a forbidding terminology, however great the superficial resemblance and however large Marx's unacknowledged debt to Thompson may be on these heads. For many details...
Side 486 - Jr. The law of foreign corporations and taxation of corporations both foreign and domestic.

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