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J. M'Creery, Printer, Black-Horse-Court, Fleet-Street.

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Documents relative to Mr. Henry's mission,
accompanying the message, of the President
of the United States, of the 12th of March,
1812, to both Honses of Congress, 689, 724.

An Act to anthorize a detachment from the
Militia of the United States. (This Act pats
an end to the practice of fogging soldiers in

A Bill for the protection, recovery, and in- PORTUGAL. Conclusion of the dispatch,

demnification, of American seamen, 788.

from Lord Wellington, to Lord Liverpool,

relative to the capture of General Regnaud, 92.

ENGLAND-Declaration relative to the Or.
ders in Council, dated Westminster, 21st

Dispatch, from Lord Wellington to Lord

Liverpool, chiefly relative to the operations

of the Guerillas, 93.

Documents published, relating to the late

Dispatch, from Lord Wellington to Lord

a new ministry, 794,

Liverpool, enclosing General Hill's account of

the defeat of General Girard's division, at

Papers and Letters written, on this occa- Arroyo del Molino, 94, 255, 282.

sion, by Marquis Wellesley 794, 797, 817,

818, 822, 826, SICILY.--Official account of the retirement of

828, 832.

the King, 636.

Degociations for making

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