Humble, like that meek Rose,

Mine offering, friend, to thee;
And may its leaves disclose

As sweet a purity!
When weary hours oppress,

And peace is vainly sought,
This flower will gently bless

With its celestial thought.
My humble Rose ! my lowly Rose !
Be thine the power to banish woes !

The Broken-hearted. By Miss M. A. DODD,
Fortune. By L. C. BROWNE,
The First Shade of Thought,
Isaiah ii. 4. By E, H. CHAPIN,
Sleep. By L. C. B.,
The Vision. By HENRY BACON,
The World of our Choice. By A. B. GROSH, -
The Sunset Gun. By D. J. MANDELL,
A Reminiscence. By HENRY BACON,
The Kingdom above: By S. C. E.,
Art thou a Christian? -
Trenton Falls,
The Lesson of Providence. By E. A. B.,
The Love of God. By S. C. EDGARTON,
Dreams, by an Octogenarian. By L. J. C.,
“ The World is too much with us." By C. L.,
The old worn Book. By E. A. B., -
The Rose. By J. M. AUSTIN,
I would not live alway. By Otis A. SKINNER, -
Summer Rambles. By S. C. E.,
Wealth, Fame, Beauty. By A. C. THOMAS,

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Frontispiece. The First Shade of Thought. Engraved by

O. Pelton. Vignette Title. Engraved by O. PELTON. Aqueduct near Rome. Engraved by JAMES SMILLIE, 69 Trenton Falls. Engraved by O. PELTON,


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