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of the What was the Divine purpose in the ten plagues of

Egypt? — What was the last plague that constraine'! tted to

Pharaoh to let the Israelites go? - Who was Aaron kliately

Who spoke to Moses and Aaron? - Meaning? repared

What was said about that month? Meaning ? What was to be done on the tenth day of he month? How many lambs were to be taken ?

What were causes, small families to do? What were to be the qualities

Scrip- of the lambs? When to be killed ? What to be nd per- done with the blood ?-How was the lamb to be cooked? he firstDivine

Why? How eaten? - Why? - What was done

with the remaining fragments? — Why? What speech was to occur on the night of the feast? - How would

the fatal pestilence be a judgment against the gods of

Egypt ? – Of what were the bloody door-frames of blished. the houses a sign (token)? - How was the day to be

kept in the future? - How has it been kept ? - Golden event in Text? Central Thoughts? Memory Verses ? morate? Daily Texts ? Catechism, 217 20? 197

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OD over

MAY 29, 1887. lea. - Exodus xiv. 19-31. ough the tians, upon their chariots, and upon their he rivers, horsemen." 2. remity is

27 And Moses stretched forth his hand to go for- over the sea, and the sea returned to its

strength when the morning appeared : and

the Egyptians fled against it; and the LORD Exodus

overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of IS XV. 13; Deuter- the sea.6

28 And the waters returned, and covered How long the chariots, and the horsemen, even all the unishment

hosts of Pharaoh that went in after them into the sea ; there remained not so much

as one of them, 'chwent

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