The Psychology of Number and Its Applications to Methods of Teaching Arithmetic

D. Appleton, 1895 - 309 pagina's

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Pagina i - The Art of School Management." $1.50. 7. THE SENSES AND THE WILL. (Part I of " THE MIND OF THE CHILD.") By W. PREYER, Professor of Physiology in Jena. Translated by HW BROWN, Teacher in the State Normal School at Worcester, Mass. $1.50. 8. MEMORY: WHAT IT is AND HOW TO IMPROVE IT. By DAVID KAY, FRGS, author of " Education and Educators,
Pagina 226 - Dividing the dividend by any number divides the quotient by the same number.
Pagina 243 - ... can be expressed as integers, namely, 4 cents, 4 feet, 4 pounds, and so on, with kindred ideas and operations. 3. The Primary Practical Principle in Fractions. — It is clear that this complete expression for the number process is the fundamental principle employed in the treatment of fractions : if both terms of a fraction be multiplied or divided by the same number, the numerical value of the fraction will not be changed. This principle is usually " demonstrated " ; it is, however, involved...
Pagina v - There is no subject taught in the elementary schools that taxes the teacher's resources as to methods and devices to a greater extent than arithmetic, and none that is more dangerous to the pupil in the way of deadening his mind and arresting its development, if bad methods are used.
Pagina 206 - The process of solving equations depends upon the following principles, called axioms : 1. If equals be added to equals, the sums are equal. 2. If equals be subtracted from equals, the remainders are equal. 3. If equals be multiplied by equals, the products are equal. 4. If equals be divided by equals, the quotients are equal. 5. Like powers or like roots of equals are equal. NOTE. Axiom 4 is not true if the divisor equals zero.

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