Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1982: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, First Session, Del 1


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Side 293 - Management expenditures in connection with the revested Oregon and California Railroad and reconveyed Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands...
Side 359 - No appropriation shall be made for financial participation in any such project prior to sixty calendar days (which sixty days, however, shall not include days on which either the House of Representatives or the Senate is not in session because of an adjournment of more than three calendar days to a day certain) from the date on which the Secretary's findings and approvaj are submitted to the Congress and then only if, within said sixty days, neither the House nor the Senate Interior and Insular Affairs...
Side 342 - ... undertake economic studies and surveys to determine present and prospective costs of producing water for beneficial consumptive purposes in various parts of the United States by the leading saline water processes as compared with other standard methods.
Side 589 - That it is hereby declared that it is a national policy to preserve for public use historic sites, buildings and objects of national significance for the inspiration and benefit of the people of the United States.
Side 1403 - Indian, or other reservation only upon the approval of the chief officer of the Department under whose supervision such park or reservation falls and upon a finding by him that the same is not incompatible with the public interest...
Side 1408 - Samoa from the Department of the Navy to the Department of the Interior there has been a definite shortage of both air and surface transportation into and out of the islands.
Side 1403 - That the head of the department having jurisdiction over the lands be, and he hereby is, authorized and empowered, under general regulations to be fixed by him, to grant an easement for rights of way, for a period not exceeding fifty years from the date of the issuance of such grant, over, across, .and upon the public lands, national forests, and reservations of the United States...
Side 771 - Transportation of things 23.0 Rent, communications, and utilities 24.0 Printing and reproduction 25.0 Other services 26.0 Supplies and materials 31.0 Equipment 32.0 Lands and structures...
Side 1403 - To cooperate with the executive departments and other agencies of State or National Governments in such investigations ; and for such purpose the several departments and agencies of the National Government are authorized and directed upon the request of the commission to furnish such records, papers, and information in their possession as may be requested by the commission, and temporarily to detail to the commission such officers or experts as may be necessary ia such investigations.
Side 952 - Interests therein, administered by the Secretary as wildlife refuges, areas for the protection and conservation of fish and wildlife that are threatened with extinction, wildlife ranges, game ranges, wildlife management areas, or waterfowl production areas.

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