An appeal to the medical profession, on the utility of the improved patent syringe, with directions for its several uses, Volum 4


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Side 184 - A General View of the present state of Lunatics and Lunatic Asylums in Great Britain and Ireland, and in some other kingdoms.
Side 274 - One writer in exposing the follies and errors of another may make use of ridicule however poignant. Ridicule is often the fittest weapon that can be employed for such a purpose. If the reputation or pecuniary interest of the person ridiculed suffer, it is damnum absque injuria.
Side 274 - Who would have bought the works of Sir Robert Filmer after he had been refuted by Mr. Locke? but shall it be said that he might have sustained an action for defamation against that great philosopher, who was labouring to enlighten and ameliorate mankind. We really must not BB 4 cramp observations upon authors and their works.
Side 528 - Although the cow-pox shields the constitution from the smallpox, and the smallpox proves a protection against its own future poison, yet it appears that the human body is again and again susceptible of the infectious matter of the cow-pox, as the following history will demonstrate.
Side 274 - And one writer, in exposing the follies and errors of another, may make use of ridicule, however poignant.
Side 248 - Ava of a man covered from head to foot with hair, whose history is not less remarkable than that of the celebrated porcupine man, who excited so much curiosity in England, and other parts of Europe, near a century ago. The hair on the face of this singular being, the ears included, is shaggy, and about eight inches long. On the breast and shoulders it is from four to five. It is singular that the teeth of this individual are defective in number, the molares, or grinders, being entirely wanting.
Side 74 - I have never witnessed a separation of one vertebra from another through the intervertebral substance, without fracture of the articular processes ; or, if those processes remain unbroken, without a fracture through the bodies of the vertebrae.
Side 143 - ... reached the staircase. It had rained violently, and from the shattered state of the roof a torrent of water made its way through every floor from the garret to the ground. The sallow looks and filth of the wretches who crowded round him, indicated their situation, though they seemed insensible to the stench which he could scarcely sustain for a few minutes...
Side 518 - This case will be found minutely detailed in the fourth and fifth volumes of the " Transactions of the Association of Fellows and Licentiates of the King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland.
Side 248 - Saluen or Martaban river: he was presented to the King of Ava, as a curiosity, by the prince of that country. At Ava he married a pretty Burmese woman, by whom he has two daughters ; the eldest resembles her mother, the youngest is covered with hair like her father, only that it is white or fair, whereas his is now brown or black, having, however, been fair when a child, like that of the infant. With the exceptions mentioned, both the father and his child are perfectly wellformed, and indeed, for...

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